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Telum put your question to journalists in Indonesia on effective media relations during the pandemic.

Journalists from a range of media in Indonesia outline their preferences from topics they are interested in to the frequency of communication with Public Relations professionals and corporations.

Burhan Abe from MALE Indonesia and Hadi Suprapto from predict that the COVID-19 issue will remain a major theme in 2021. Rikando Somba from Validnews added that the government's achievements in the economic, social and political fields will also be major topics this year.

During the pandemic, webinars are a good way for journalists to get news material however Koran SINDO's Desk Editor Danang Arradian said he will not arbitrarily choose virtual PR events.

"I will pick and choose which to attend. I would think, ‘is there an interesting angle at this webinar?’" said Danang.

Meanwhile, Ridho Nugroho from Grid Network emphasized that communicators can be better in establishing relations with the media. "Don't just contact us when there is an invitation to cover an event," he said.

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