Telum vox pops: Journalists' plans and editorial crystal ball in 2021

By Muhammad Arby

The emergence of COVID-19 has shocked countries in the world, especially Indonesia throughout 2020. What issues will be in the spotlight in 2021?

Various plans have been prepared by a number of journalists in Indonesia to welcome 2021. They said Indonesia will be more concerned with the COVID-19 vaccine and economic recovery next year.

Persiana Galih from IDN Times Editor and Bryan Bimantoro from Pos Belitung agree that the certainty of getting the COVID-19 vaccine will still be in the spotlight.

"And the government's dilemma is choosing economic growth or public health," Bryan said.

Meanwhile, Ismi Damayanti from Nikkei Asia (Jakarta) said that economic recovery will be a dominant issue in Indonesia.

In addition to economic recovery, Metro TV's anchor Marvin Sulistio added that the tourism sector will also start to grow again. Meanwhile, Indosport.com's editor Lanjar Wiratri is optimistic that Indonesia can still hold the Mandalika MotoGP in East Nusa Tenggara and the U-20 World Cup.

They also talked about their personal targets in 2021.

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