Telum Feature: What does 2023 have in store?

Telum Feature: What does 2023 have in store?

If recent years have taught us anything, it’s that trying to predict what we will face in the year ahead is something of a brave move. So that’s exactly what we did - we spoke with three agency leaders working across a range of industries about their goals and plans for the year, and what they have their eyes on.

The new year often means new beginnings for many companies. How does your team usually go about planning your year ahead?

Douglas Wright, Managing Director, Wrights PR
This year is different from the past few.  Australia has a new Federal Government, feeling its way and flexing its muscles. This brings uncertainty. Economic insecurity fuelled by inflation, rising interest rates, Chinese trade policy and European conflict.

Despite this, Wrights is approaching 2023 optimistically.  We’ve been around for more than three decades, and we have seen the boom-and-bust cycle a few times. Corporate Social Responsibility and integrity will continue to be important, and that’s our space.

Kathryn Price, Director, Ruby Agency
We are a small but mighty team with a lot of energy. We plan our year ahead by establishing what trends are on the table, as well as careers of the future, and we put our energy into finding clients in those spaces. This year we would love to add more brands in the sustainability, science, STEM, electric cars and technology sectors to our stable of clients. Our planning is truly centred around where our interests are as well. 

Tara Bishop, Director, Bishop-Moves Public Relations
As the new year begins, I check to make sure all the events that I am working on, such as Truffle Melbourne, as well as those key events such as the Australian Open, Melbourne Fashion Festival, Spring Racing Carnival, conferences and special events, are entered into everyone’s diary, subscriptions renewed and personal and professional goals are set.

It helps, too, to have a holiday locked in at some point, as it’s easy for holiday planning to get put to one side.

Do you have any big goals or plans that you’re looking to achieve in 2023?

Douglas Wright
After keeping a low profile during COVID it is time to get out there again, and we plan to do just that. Our aim is to double the size of the agency.  As the economy contracts, clients look for value from their advisors.  Many of the agencies that sprang up when money was plentiful will struggle as spending gets tighter.  The employee market will open, and clients will become more discerning with their spending.

Wrights plans to actively chase new business while continuing to work with those with whom we share common values, where we can support them by providing a strong corporate conscience. 

Kathryn Price
As the PR landscape changes, the focus for me this year is to be looking for ways to add more value to clients. Our PR skills are very much transferable into other communication skills as well. We are looking to expand on our content offering to existing clients to service them in different ways.

We also plan to grow our services to include US PR. We already have a few clients that engage with us for US media relations and I see that as a huge business opportunity. 

Tara Bishop
This is the tenth year of Truffle Melbourne, the hero weekend of the festival will take place in June at Queen Victoria Market and there will be many truffle hunts and celebratory dinners at some of Victoria’s best restaurants, so I am looking forward to working on as many stories to help demystify and democratise truffles.

I am working with Cygnett, who make products such as Powerbanks, and one of the big challenges will be cementing brand awareness both domestically in Australia and around the globe.

The beauty industry is highly competitive. I am looking forward to introducing media to Sweet Caroline, a tight edit of six multitasking, gender-neutral effective products.

What trends are you hoping to see in the PR industry in 2023?

Douglas Wright
The public will become even less discerning about where they get their news, and they’ll let information come to them in their comfort zone. Artificial Intelligence will be responsible for generating even more content.  Individuals will be less inclined to express a view.  Debate will be stifled.

The PR industry should do its best to ensure both sides of an argument are presented fairly. The squawkers, tweeters, haranguers, bullies and mindless influencers will be countered by well-prepared arguments, influencers who know their subject matter, politicians who want the best outcome for the country and media that does its research.

Kathryn Price
I believe the art of storytelling will remain the same, but the mediums in which audiences turn to, will grow. Traditional and digital media is here to stay, but what's next? I’m excited to see different kinds of mediums grow. I really love how podcasts are becoming mainstream.

I would love to see the old trend of ‘face to face’ interviews come back into play. Back when I started my career, this was the best way to build strong relationships with journalists.

Tara Bishop
I am looking forward to seeing even more collaboration and sharing of information in 2023. I’d like to help media with their stories and assist fellow PRs. Everyone is super busy and trying to find balance and keep all their balls in the air, and I think more collaboration and co-operation can only enhance and simplify our working life.

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