Telum Media's 2019 Year in Review

Telum Media's 2019 Year in Review

All the major news and moves from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s changing media landscape
The global media landscape has undergone some changes affecting, but also inspiring traditional media channels. Hong Kong continues to be an important media player in the APAC region as major international publications have launched their local operations and existing media outlets are diversifying their offerings.

In the past year, Hong Kong has seen media outlets focusing on hot topics such as FinTech, blockchain and the Greater Bay Area. Forkast.News was set up by former Bloomberg anchor and award-winning journalist Angie Lau. Local journalists focusing on more niche sectors launched Chronomen 計時職人 Magazine and 教育專業. And ViVi (Hong Kong) has revamped its online platforms earlier this year after it ceased its print and digital offerings last year.

Elle Men Hong Kong launched its online version earlier this year. China Daily launched its newsletter GBA Pulse and Blockchain Asset Review launched to focus on key developments in blockchain, particularly in the Chinese market. China Daily also revamped its video production with its new brand China Daily Originals. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post launched yet another product – weekly newsletter Lunar - focusing on women. And The Standard piloted its new performing arts page.

Edipresse Media has announced it will rebrand to Tatler Asia Group as part of its plan to relaunch its print and digital operations in March next year. The FT and Nikkei launched Tech Scroll Asia under leadership of Global China Editor James Kynge and Asia Tech Reporter Mercedes Ruehl. Finally, international showstoppers Vogue and Madame Figaro have also chosen 2019 to set up shop.

Hong Kong’s top moves
At Tatler Asia Kim Bui Kollar has been appointed Executive Fashion Director while taking on the Editor-in-Chief role at Hong Kong Tatler. Bloomberg Hong Kong welcomed Jonas Bergman as Senior Editor. Blake Evans-Pritchard has taken the Bureau Chief role at Asia Risk. Phil Pan has scooped up the Associate Managing Editor for Weekends at The NYT. Former Southeast Asia Bureau Chief at The Wall Street Journal in Indonesia has moved to HK to join Bloomberg Opinion. AsianInvestor welcomed Kenan Machado as its Chief Correspondent. FutureIot scooped up Allan Tan as its Editor-in-Chief. Hal Hodson made the jump to be the Hong Kong-based Asia Technology Correspondent for The Economist.

Fanny Fung produces Now Report as Now TV. China Daily Hong Kong announced Pamela Lin as its Business Reporter. Michael Yan meanwhile was appointed as Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Xinhua News Agency’s Asia Pacific regional bureau. Ming’s appointed Kim Au as its Fashion Director. And Don Lui joined HK01 as Managing Editor for Meta and 2nd Skill T2.

Key insights from Telum Talks To… interviews and events this year
On a regular basis Telum sits down with senior journalists across international and local publications for their insights and top tips:
  • Respect editorial independence. “The business news desk doesn’t handle advertorials and values editorial independence. In case the team is unsure on a quote, they will get in touch to check. The team also decides on the story angle.” Bonnie Chen, Business News Editor, The Standard
  • Original angles: “At Quartz, one of the things we’re most proud of - and indeed, what defines and distinguishes our coverage - is the original angles we bring to the news to help readers understand and interact with the world in fresh, engaging, and provocative ways. We cover everything from business and finance to politics, science, and fashion. But at the heart of it all is a key question: how does it fit into the global economy? We are all participants and actors in the global economy, and every Quartz story tries to add to our understanding of what it means to be part of the global economy.” Mary Hui, Reporter, Quartz
  • Don’t greenwash: “We are also sensitive to greenwashing pitches, which are starting to happen more and more. We know the difference between brands who are really advocating for ethical / ecological change versus those that are just jumping on what they see as a trend. So do our readers.” Sonalie Figueiras, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Green Queen
  • Be ready to go talk if you reach out. “If you send out a press release that invites further inquiries or an interview and we respond in kind, please do ensure that someone is, in fact, ready to talk. There is nothing more frustrating than being told that we need to wait a day or two. By then, the story is dead.” Sebastian Enberg, Editor, Asian Private Banker
  • Get to the point. “A good, old fashioned email is easy. Make sure to make your email headlines and first paragraph very to the point and succinct. There are rarely good pitches. It is surprising how many pitches are still completely irrelevant because people just mass email without really thinking about if they are effective.” Nina Xiang, Co-Founder / Managing Editor, China Money Network
  • Create a connection. “Please have a conversation with a journalist that has nothing to do with getting the name out there for the people you represent. Understand what they are doing, what they are interested in and work with journalists as partners. Also, treat all journalists with equal respect regardless of the publication they represent, their reputation or their background.” Suhas Bhat, Reporter, CorporateTreasurer
  • Importance of fact-checking: “The AFP Fact Check blog was launched in early 2018 in response to a growing tide of online disinformation, specifically on social media. We seek to help the public and newsrooms come to informed conclusions about information they find online, whether from social media posts, news articles, videos or statements.” Rachel Blundy, Asia Fact-Checking Editor, Agence France-Presse
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