Telum Talks To... Chris Chung, Chief Editor, INSIDE

Telum Talks To... Chris Chung, Chief Editor, INSIDE

Can you tell us more about INSIDE?
Since 2009, the core spirit of INSIDE has been to be media that speaks for the internet and innovation industry. Our editorial direction is reader-first - namely what Chinese-speaking or Traditional Chinese reading internet users should know and what they should read. 

The concept of the internet itself has been changing a lot, and we can see that in recent years big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence are shaking society dramatically and gradually "infiltrating" into our daily life. Our core audience and the content of our coverage extends from industry to the general public, and people whose lives have been dramatically changed by technology and the internet.

How does INSIDE stand out compared to other technology media?
There are a lot of outstanding media outlets in the market. Our main audiences are mostly people who work in the internet / innovation industry. INSIDE was first founded by six internet industry people and our reporting angle is very close to that of internet entrepreneurs and practitioners. This is part of what makes us unique. Beyond general news, we also produce in-depth reporting. We are curious about what the tech developers think when developing any technology or making decisions.

As Editor-in-Chief, what is your daily workflow and how does the editorial team operate?
After freshening up in the morning, I will start reading my RSS list, e-newsletters and other news sources. My colleagues will post in our group to discuss the morning daily news that should be published in INSIDE, and we will allocate tasks according to each colleague's area of expertise. 
We have adopted a hybrid working model two or three days in the office a week.  Having said that, we used to work remotely before the pandemic as our editorial team often attended press trips in different countries and time zones.

What topics are you working on in the upcoming months? What are the key developments?
AI-related news and applications are the hot topics. After the emergence of ChatGPT, our team has begun to use AI to produce news in accordance with strict editorial standards, with the assistance of legal affairs. Next, we will explore various ways to use AI to assist in news production. Additionally, we believe that Apple Vision Pro will drive the development of a new wave of XR visual technology.

What materials do you want to receive? Do you have any tips for PRs and brands?
We welcome all first-hand press materials and event invitations from brands and PR agencies. As long as the content is appropriate and suits our readers, we are keen to publish a story. Having said that, we would encourage companies to share their practical experiences in problem solving and decision making, in which our readers have great interest.  
For example, in 2019 INSIDE reposted a great article from 17LIVE, written by an engineer, and was informative and practical. As a result, the article became one of the top 10 articles that year. This kind of content creates a win-win situation for brands, media and communities most. 

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