Telum Talks To…David Stark, Publisher / Director of JACK & JILL Publishing Co

Telum Talks To…David Stark, Publisher / Director of JACK & JILL Publishing Co
Chloe Arentz

JACK & JILL Publishing Co produces three luxury culture magazines. Run us through the difference between the three titles.
JACK Men’s Culture is targeted at men between the ages of 25 and 54 and consists of men's culture stories and associated brands. JILL Women’s Culture is for women aged 25 to 54 and features women's culture stories and associated brands.

This year, we are excited to reveal that JACK Men’s Culture and JILL Women’s Culture will be combined into an all-inclusive flip book publication for the first two editions of 2022. 
TIMELESS is targeted at both women and men aged over 55 and features interesting stories and luxury brands.

Where are the magazines distributed and how often? 
JACK, JILL and TIMELESS are all quarterly publications distributed in partnership with QANTAS flight lounges. Distribution routes include: Australian business and QANTAS Club domestic and international lounges in Australia, London, Singapore, L.A., Tokyo, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Auckland, and Wellington.

TIMELESS has a more defined target audience than your other titles - what inspired you to create a magazine for this demographic?
TIMELESS targets an audience aged 55 years and older who engage with print media and love a quality publication - not only the look and feel but engaging and relevant content. This age group is moving into a phase of life where dreams and lifestyles become a reality. We see high engagement within the travel, culture, food and wine, and health sectors. Having the TIMELESS editions available in QANTAS lounges is a perfect fit.

What’s involved in pulling each edition together? How long in advance do you plan content?
We have a small but highly motivated team who deep dive into everything involving lifestyle, travel, fashion, food, alcohol, automotive, and health. We seek out luxury brands that align with our publications and their covers, such as our Matthew McConaughey interview with Wild Turkey Bourbon.

Every brand has a story, and it's our job to find the most engaging of these to share with our audience. We are currently working on an April / May edition with deadlines in mid-March.
You receive a pitch from a PR - what are the top three things you want to see?
Engaging content, beautiful, appealing imagery, and luxury brands.
When will the next editions be published?
The JACK and JILL flipbook will be published in April / May. The next edition of TIMELESS will be released in May / June.

How should PRs get in touch?
All pitches and correspondence should be sent via email to

Answers submitted by David Stark, Publisher / Director of JACK & JILL Publishing Co.

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