Telum Talks To... Liu Dong, Editor-in-Chief / Partner, VCBeat

Telum Talks To... Liu Dong, Editor-in-Chief / Partner, VCBeat

VCBeat is an online vertical media brand focusing on the healthcare sector. Telum Media recently caught up with its Editor-in-Chief / Partner, Liu Dong, who revealed the platform’s structure, coverage focus, strategies, and plans.
Below are the key takeaways from the interview (The full interview is available in Chinese):
1. VCBeat, VB-NeoBio, and VB-CREATE are healthcare-focused media brands covering different stages and trends of industry development. VCBeat covers innovations and venture capital in the Internet healthcare sector, with a recent focus on digital healthcare and innovative medical devices. The platform’s target audience are founders and C-suites of innovative companies, industry investors, government, decision makers and practitioners in the healthcare industry. VB-NeoBio focuses on the trend of innovative medicine and treatments. VB-CREATE reports on scientists' and doctors’ entrepreneurship as well as the commercialisation of scientific findings.
2. As the Editor-in-Chief / Partner of VCBeat, Dong oversees team building and management. He also participates in the development of the platform’s strategies, content and servicing system.

3. Dong particularly pays attention to how locally invented medical devices fare in the international market, including surgical instruments and any kinds of medical consumables. He is also interested in the commercialization of innovative medicine in China.
4. Besides the annual VB100-Future Healthcare Conference launched this month, VCBeat has recently published 10 industry reports that are accessible via VCBeat’s official website and its WeChat Public Account. The platform has also built an online live-streaming video platform via which healthcare companies can reach out to their audience, and organised both online and offline forums regularly to discuss the cutting-edge technologies in the industry.

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