Telum Talks To: Nicky Park, Culture Editor at Stuff

Telum Talks To: Nicky Park, Culture Editor at Stuff

Tell us about your role as Culture Editor at Stuff. 
It's a fun and hectic time juggling lifestyle and entertainment content across all our offerings (, newspapers, masthead websites) and working closely with our TV Guide and weekend magazine and newspaper teams. I run a small but mighty team. I aim to lead them in generating banging story ideas, talking to interesting people and creating engaging, creative and unique content. I've been doing this role in some form or another for about eight years.

How closely do you work with other departments and local news teams at Stuff?
Very closely, we are in constant comms via Slack and regular news meetings. We share ideas, emails, contacts and try to work together on culture content that suits all our audiences.

Do you commission content? If so, what sorts of topics are you interested in?
I do, I love it when freelancers bring me cool ideas that I may not have considered, especially topical ideas, in the zeitgeist or themes in lifestyle and culture that feed off what New Zealand is talking about.

What is the most memorable story you have covered in your career? 
Before working in Lifestyle, I was the Pacific Correspondent for AAP. A lot of memorable stories come from that time, covering climate change in Kiribati and skinny-dipping honeymooners in Bora Bora. In NZ, I worked on the ground covering the Greymouth mine and Christchurch earthquake disasters. The memorable stuff that comes with this gig is more like cool interviews (Jamie Oliver was a favourite) or blowing my son's mind when he got to chat with the Wiggles.
How do you like to work with PRs?
I like to have good, honest working comms with PRs. I like to know who people are in real life and how best we can work together. I am happy to receive emails, I'll be in touch if we would like more info or to lock something in. A follow-up call isn't really needed if I'm honest.

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