Telum Talks To... Rachael De Foe, Founder and Managing Director, Redefy

Redefy's Founder and Managing Director, Rachael De Foe, sits down with Telum Media to discuss the recent relaunch of her strategic communications consultancy.

She also shares more about #AfterIWD, a new database that aims to showcase women and non-binary spokespeople across various sectors even after International Women's Day (IWD).

Some highlights from the discussion include:
  • Rebranding RDF Strategies as Redefy (0:30)
  • How Redefy adopts non-traditional strategies to help clients tackle hurdles, opportunities and risks on the communications front (1:04)
  • Why Redefy works a lot with start-up founders, venture capitalists and innovators in the fintech space (2:12)
  • Rachael's plans for expanding the team with like-minded talent (3:15)
  • How Redefy's niche focus allows them to compete with larger agencies (5:30)
  • How journalists and spokespeople can use the #AfterIWD database (6:36)

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