Telum Talks To... Rose Brennan, Chief of Staff, The Daily Telegraph

One of the senior editorial leaders at Australia's most read newspaper talks about how to maximise your chance of getting coverage, and how to work with the team

Telum sat down with The Daily Telegraph's Chief of Staff, Rose Brennan, in the most recent "Telum Talks To..." event.

Rose shared how she chooses which stories to publish, how the News Corp mastheads work together and compete with each other, and her tips for PRs wanting to pitch to The Daily Telegraph.

The full event can be viewed above.

Key insights from the day include:
  • PRs should approach dedicated beat reporters with stories when it comes to specialist topic areas. 
  • The Daily Telegraph has two key editorial meetings per day (10am and 2pm) and the print deadline for the newspaper is 8pm, though there are rolling deadlines for later editions after this.
  • The Daily Telegraph works separately to all other News Corp mastheads, although there are Network reporters. News Corp newspapers should be approached separately, however ensure there is no conflict if you have set up exclusives or embargoes. 
  • If one journalist at The Daily Telegraph has rejected your story, don’t then pitch the same story to another journalist at the paper.
  • PRs have an important role to play in the news process. Truthfulness, a keen news sense, and efficiency are key to building relationships with journalists.

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