Telum Talks To: TIBER

Telum Media caught up with Ibrahim Sani, Najib Aroff and Luqman Haris who are the Co-Founders and Hosts of TIBER podcast. We spoke to them about: 
  • Inspiration behind TIBER (0:18) 
  • How will podcasting evolve in Malaysia? (5:41)
  • Advice for PRs who want to grab TIBER's attention (9:27) 
  • TIBER's upcoming plans (14:29) 
  • A day in life holding different roles (17:57) 

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Mohamad Najib Mat Aroff

Assistant Vice President, Editor, Business & Economy / Senior Anchor

Ibrahim Sani

Co-Founder / Host

Luqman Haris Ahamad Shaker

Multiformat News Innovation Editor


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