Telum Talks To: Trevor Sinclair at 2UE

Telum Talks To: Trevor Sinclair at 2UE

To mark his 45th year in the Sydney radio scene, Telum spoke to Trevor Sinclair, Breakfast Presenter at 2UE, about his most memorable career moments and how he has seen the industry change.

Congratulations on 45 years on Sydney radio. How did you get your start in radio journalism?
I have always had an interest in writing and storytelling. I wouldn’t call myself a journalist, but more someone who reflects on life and how it influences us in light of what’s happening in the world. My love of music and public speaking is what drew me to radio. I was a teenager who was lucky enough to be hanging around ATN7 back in the 1970s when "Sound Unlimited" was launched by Graham Webb, and hosted by Donnie Sutherland. Those gents, who were both former radio people, were the ones who suggested that I should “give it a shot”.

What are some of your most memorable career moments?
Having Barry Chapman drive through Canberra and hearing me in 1978, and subsequently, a job offer at 2SM Sydney, which was in its heyday and pulling enormous audiences, was an absolute joy. I was thrilled to be the voice of "The Soundtrack of the Decade", the radio special that ran for an entire month. I was also one of the hosts of the free Concert of the Decade at the Sydney Opera House, the Grand Finale of Rocktober, and the Seventies.

Ron E Sparx taking me to The New 2UW to relaunch the station was another career highlight. Cherie Romaro keeping me as the only 2UW announcer for the conversion of the station to FM. John Williams, Rod Brice, and Glenn Wheatley pulling me in to relaunch 2CH Breakfast, and of course, Mark Taylor and Jon Vertigan appointing me to the Easy Breakfast at 2UE.

I had an inflight show on Qantas for 12 years. Through all of that, I’ve interviewed music stars, politicians, and stars of stage and screen. Each and every one of them were memorable in their own right. Interviewing Michael Parkinson was pretty special!

How have you seen the landscape change throughout your time in radio? 
The landscape has changed immensely. It’s commercial radio, the focus from content to sales and back to content has always amused me - just get on with it and be entertaining. Technological changes have also been huge over the past 45 years. Embrace them, they help all of us.

How does the 2UE Breakfast programme decide what stories to cover?
I decide it all. If in doubt, I talk with my Content Director. The things I cover are music, entertainment, and lifestyle. I cover things people feel strongly about, want to know about, and share my passion for. Our audience grew up with the music we play. It may be called ”easy”, but it’s not elevator music. It’s music that is easy to listen to because my audience loves it, and people feel comfortable with it. They really have a passion for the music and what I talk about. They tell me that all the time on phone calls and via the 2UE text line.

Do you have any advice for PRs looking to pitch to radio stations?
I sure do. We get a lot of PR information every day. The pitch has to stand out. I often get information that rambles before it gets to the point. Cut to the chase, excite me about your pitch, and you’ll have me in your pocket.

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