Telum Talks To: Vu Quan Nguyen-Masse, VP Brand & Culture ASEAN at Vero

By George Putong

For Vero's VP Brand & Culture ASEAN, Vu Quan Nguyen-Masse, prioritising the wellbeing of employees is the key to a successful business. "We showed that great work comes in very different shapes, colours, and styles. We redefined what productivity and performance means," he said in a recent chat with Telum's George Putong.

Vero's forward-thinking people policies include dedicated wellness days as well as an unlimited leave policy. Vu Quan used data to convince stakeholders, and employees themselves, that productivity increases when a business prioritises employee wellbeing.

"New members should not hit the ground running. That sounds cool in a movie, but in business, you have to take time and study what people are doing around you. You have to identify how to add value," Vu Quan said. "If this is done right, industry peers will emulate what you do."

Jump ahead to these parts of Telum's interview:
  • What are progressive practices at Vero? (00:18)
  • How difficult is it to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives? (02:00)
  • Tell us about the Clean Creatives pledge. (05:31)
  • Vero launched a playbook, "Greenwatching". What's in it? (08:37)

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