Telum Vox Pop: Behind the Byline - Supermoms in Journalism

Telum Vox Pop: Behind the Byline - Supermoms in Journalism

Mothers have a special title, often referred to as 'supermom,' which embodies their remarkable ability to balance the demands of a career while nurturing their family with unwavering love and dedication. This recognition highlights their extraordinary multitasking skills, resilience, and endless commitment to both their professional endeavours and their role as mothers.

Telum gathered a few media practitioners to share their thoughts on how they manage being a working mom while staying at the forefront in the field and some insights into their daily routine as well as upcoming projects they are focusing on in our special vox pop, in light of Mother's Day!

Hani Fadzil, Manager at ERA Sabah and Sarawak
Honestly, there are days I ask myself the same questions. Is it something I can manage? Am I a bad mom for being a working mom? Am I going to miss his milestones? That’s why I make it a point to try to find time to do activities with my son whenever I can. Weekends are mostly devoted to my son. There are no strategies but instead, you just have to trust your 'mother instincts' and wing it.

My daily work schedule looks mundane from the outside, but it takes a lot of my time away from my son. I wake up at 5am every day and leave for work by 6:30am, before my son wakes up. I work from 7am until 5pm, and it takes me an hour to get home (thanks to Malaysian traffic—phew!). So, I make it in time to have dinner with my son, catch up before he sleeps, and we go to bed at 10:30pm. On weekends, when I am not hosting K-pop concerts, I focus on quality time with my little family.

Siti Sofiah, Editor-in-Chief at Hello Doktor

As a mom, I think I wouldn’t be able to work without knowing that my child is in safe hands while I go make a better future for us. Therefore, before anything else, I make sure that my child is in safe hands so I can concentrate on my tasks, knowing that I am making changes not only in my life and my family’s life but also for others. After that, you leave them in God’s hands.

Second, be kind to yourself. We are not robots. So, I allow and forgive myself when I make mistakes or do not perform to my fullest at work or as a mom. Trust me, you will find yourself bouncing back better.

My position as Editor-in-Chief does not only involve content creation but also aligning with the entire local team on business directions and supporting them with editorial insight. I also build connections with PR agencies, healthcare professionals, and associations so that we can collaborate to create better content for our audiences.

We are happy to share that we have a Mother’s Day contest this month. On top of that, we have planned some activities for many upcoming health days this year. Upcoming are Parent’s Day and Father’s Day in June. Anyone who has any interesting ideas for collaborations is welcome to reach out to me. Cheers!

Amanda Sura, Contributing Writer at makchic

Stepping into motherhood has been a wild but rewarding experience for me. I left my corporate job to focus on my growing family and I am glad I did. Of course, there are days where it can get overwhelming as I manage my household but I do take it as a challenge and intentionally enjoy the season I am in. Having a routine works well for us. I focus on my work when the girls are in school and once I pick them up; I am a fully present mama. I think it is very important to unpack the day by having a conversation and learning a little more about my daughters (and even myself) daily. With my background in media, being able to communicate effectively matters to me. I realise how lucky I am with my freelance role and do not take it for granted. Having self-discipline and staying motivated is vital and I look forward to more work opportunities in the future. 

Tasnim Lokman, Editor at Sinar Daily

I have an amazing support system not only from my husband but also from my sister-in-laws, mother and grandmother-in-laws and also from both my parents. My husband knows how much journalism means to me, and he understands that I can’t resist a good lead. When I was reporting on the ground, working odd hours and in shifts, my in-laws were always there, ready to care for the children. Now, since my parents have more time post-retirement, they too are able to spend even more time with the grandchildren while their mother oversees a newsroom at Sinar Daily. I am privileged and lucky to have others willing to care for my children because I know not everyone has this support. I am even luckier to have a husband who understands that his wife can be both a mother and a journalist in the field.

Daily work schedule sees me waking up at dawn, prepping the kids for school, their lunchboxes and my husband’s breakfast. Head to work and get work done. End of the working day, the kids are home and we have dinner (I’m proud to say I cook almost every day since I enjoy it). But what’s certain is I would do quick checks for news updates or any alerts every 10 to 20 minutes to ensure I do not miss anything. 

Sinar Daily’s major project this year would be the She Leads, a curated networking series and summit - the next event will be on 25th June titled Elevating the Fitness of Your Mind & Body with Kevin Zahri (fitness coach) and Yasmin Khan (clinical psychologist); followed by Don’t Go Broke in Your Golden Years on 27th August with financial and wealth planner Erin Adlina Adnan. The grand finale for She Leads is the “Women Workforce Summit” on 15th October. Do check out for more information. She Leads is the space for women to connect with other women, support and share knowledge and experience, and establish a strong community.

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