Telum Vox Pop: Topics to look out for in 2024

Telum Vox Pop: Topics to look out for in 2024

As we embark on 2024, Telum Media invited a few journalists to share their thoughts and insights on key topics and trends they will be watching out for in the coming year.

Saowaluck Sawatkwan, Managing Editor at The People
In 2024, The People will continue to focus on "people." As our brand likes to say, "Everyone has a story."

In addition to sharing inspirational stories, we plan to broaden our scope to encompass various aspects of life, including lifestyle, career, relationships, and more, offering valuable content for our readers.

Equally important are stories concerning the environment and sustainability. These are topics that everyone can relate to and actively participate in. Our approach this year centres on empowering everyone to contribute to positive change.

Rawit Hanutsaha, Founder of Mission to the Moon
As the working population grapples with increasing societal pressures stemming from career and economic factors over the past year, there is a growing interest in improving one's quality of life. In the first half of the year, our content will prioritise areas such as self-improvement, mental health, psychology, and career development. The subject we intend to highlight in particular, however, is the relationship between working individuals and the world they inhabit. Our aim is to raise thought-provoking questions and foster critical thinking for the betterment of the workforce.

Sarayut Sreetip-ard, Editor-in-Chief at Baan Lae Suan
Baan Lae Suan is committed to enhancing homeowners' access to knowledge about ideal living spaces. Our programme, "Baan Lae Suan Prueksa Ha Rue" (Baan Lae Suan Consulting), offers practical advice and solutions for issues related to homes, gardens, and household systems. We leverage modern formats like short-form videos, YouTube, Baan Lae Suan TV, and the Baan Lae Suan Fair to share design tips that promote well-being and sustainable design, ultimately creating balance between people and the environment.

Paris Jitpentom, News Deputy Editor at TODAY
TODAY will continue to deliver easily digestible and accessible social and political news across all platforms. The start of 2024 is barely upon us and we have already witnessed many political cases that merit close attention, whether it be matters of the Constitutional Court or criminal cases that have caught the interest of the general public. Political developments remain a current focus for TODAY, and we will keep our followers updated on the evolving political landscape.

The economy is another area of focus that TODAY has been monitoring and reporting through the TODAY Bizview Fagebook page, and the feedback has been positive. Stories on the economy curated by the TODAY team are presented as infographics, articles, scoops, shows, and short-form videos. We see a lot of potential and plan to start a TODAY Bizview channel on YouTube as well.

Last year, TODAY's environmental news programme HEAT UP received honourable mention for the Best Investigative Online News award. In the coming year, the TODAY team will continue to cover and promote stories on the environment as well as seek ways to heighten awareness about the environment and our planet.

These are goals that TODAY has been actively pursuing and we remain committed to advancing them in 2024 through innovative and accessible media platforms that resonate with the new generation. 

Natthakorn Wiangin, Head of Content & Branding at LIKE ME (Future Trends and AomMONEY)
Future Trends is poised to become a "Future Trendsetter for Better Life" in 2024. We will explore emerging trends and new approaches to help people achieve growth in their personal lives, careers, and businesses. Our content will revolve around the overarching themes of sustainability, AI, digital assets, soft power, and MarTech.

Angsumalin Burud, Editor-in-Chief at Thairath Money
In 2024, Thailand's economy will still be recovering. Amid ongoing global economic instability driven by technological challenges, the emergence of Generative AI, and environmental concerns that are impacting businesses, Thairath Money will continue to report on the world economy, the Thai economy, personal finance, spending patterns of the new generation (particularly Gen Z), ESG trends, as well as the integration of AI in businesses and its impact on consumer behaviour. These are the key areas that Thairath Money will closely monitor and provide coverage on as an economic and business news outlet.

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