Telum’s podcast picks: future work skills, ESG comms, content creation and new trends

Telum’s podcast picks: future work skills, ESG comms, content creation and new trends

While technology has made it possible for almost anyone to produce and host podcasts, not all podcasters - or podcast guests - are created equally. There are areas to consider before pitching someone for a podcast, such as whether a stakeholder can clearly articulate their talking points and grab the audience’s attention (tune in to Telum’s webinar with The Economists’ Mike Bird for more tips on engaging with the Money Talks podcast). With that in mind, these are the podcast episodes hand-picked by Telum to enrich your playlist and help spark ideas in your PR initiatives.

On being authentic, bold and career-oriented
To kick off the list, Three Things, hosted by Charles Lankester, is a podcast series where guests discuss their life’s highs and lows and condense their personal experience into three things they wish their younger selves had known. In this recommended episode with Anna Whitlam, CEO of AWPeople and APAC Teneo Talent Advisory, she shares industry-insider intelligence for anyone thinking about their next career move.

The ins and outs of ESG comms
Unlock ESG is a new podcast by Matters Academy featuring in-depth discussions with sustainability professionals sharing the latest trends and solutions. Brian Yeung and Marina Watt from Brainstorm Content & Brainstorm Communications share their insights on how companies can practice ESG comms to enhance their purpose narratives and engage with internal and external stakeholders in the latest episode. They also elaborate on the practicalities of bridging the gap between ESG comms and stakeholder engagement in Cantonese.

Managing multiregional marketing content
Expanding to podcasts with a regional focus, Brand-Side APAC by Cetra is a series of interviews with industry leaders from Asia Pacific brands where interviewees give insights into their work life, how big creative ideas come to life and how to lead and nurture creative teams. In this recommended episode, Parth Patel, Vice-President Marketing, Asia Pacific & Middle East Africa at Kerry Group is engaging with his advice on creating and distributing quality content to the right channels.

Strengthening post-pandemic trends and values
Lastly, in the newest episode of MARKETECH Expert Up Close, Alberto Canteli, Chairman and CEO of Havas Group for Nordics, CEE & Middle East, Southeast Asia, Korea & Japan, shares his insights on the obliged transition faced by the advertising and PR industry as we come out of the pandemic. He passionately talks about Havas' plans as it meets ongoing and emerging trends such as health and wellbeing, sustainability and the birth of the metaverse.

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