Compass says Thankyou
Client win

Compass says Thankyou

Independent digital marketing and PR agency, Compass Studio has signed a 12-month partnership with Melbourne-born social enterprise, Thankyou.

As part of the year-long partnership extension, Compass will continue to manage Thankyou's PR, as well as explore opportunities for affiliate partnerships and influencer engagement. The agency has been engaged with the social enterprise for the last four months to support Thankyou's rebrand, pop-up store in Melbourne, newly launched e-comm platform and launch into new product categories.

Co-founder and Co-director of Compass Studio, Luke Dean-Weymark said Thankyou represents why Compass was founded six and a half years ago, to amplify the impact of world-bettering brands.

"When Compass was founded, Thankyou represented a dream client for us and years ago they took a chance on us with some of their most important campaigns. We were young and hungry, and had big bright visions of changing consumer's buying habits in order to change the world for the better; a passion that Thankyou shared, and together we’ve been able to do some incredible work," said Luke.

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