claims Global Fact-Check Fund 'ENGAGE' from IFCN
Media update claims Global Fact-Check Fund 'ENGAGE' from IFCN has secured the Global Fact-Check Fund 'ENGAGE' from the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) in the third phase, known as 'ENGAGE'. Previously, IFCN allocated a grant of US$12 million from Google and YouTube in three funding phases: BUILD, GROW, and ENGAGE.

This grant itself marks the fourth grant received by from IFCN. in 2020, the publication obtained the Coronavirus Fact-Checking Grant from IFCN and Facebook, participated in the Vaccine Grant Programme organised by IFCN and WhatsApp (2021), and was one of the recipients of the Spread the Facts Grant Programme IFCN in collaboration with WhatsApp (2022).

For further details, you can read more here.

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