Media Anniversaries in October

Media Anniversaries in October

Looking to enhance your connection with the world of media? Check out Telum's comprehensive compilation of media anniversaries for the month of October 2023.
Date  Media Outlet Date  Media Outlet
1 Sumut Pos (Newspaper) 20 (Online) (Online) DealStreetAsia (Indonesia) (Online)
Denpost (Newspaper) Gadgetren (Online)
4 Galamedia (Newspaper) (Online)
6 (Online) Tribun Priangan (Online) (Online) 21 (Online)
8 (Online) (Online)
10 (Online) 26 Miraj News (Online)
CNBC Indonesia TV (Television) 28 Jak TV (Television) (Online) SEA Today News (Television) (Online) (Online) (Online) 29 Sajian Sedap (Online)
11 GTV (Television) Ajwa TV (Television)
B Universe (Publisher) 30 (Online)
BTV (Television) BBC News (Jakarta) (International Television Channel)
12 Metaco (Online) SENI (Online)
17 Mentawai Kita (Online) 31 (Online)

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Telum Media


Telum Media

1 contact, 128 media requests

BBC News Jakarta

25 contacts, 2 media requests

B Universe

7 contacts


11 contacts, 3 media requests

19 contacts, 4 media requests


16 contacts

Jak TV

6 contacts

DealStreetAsia Indonesia

5 contacts, 3 media requests

Sumut Pos

5 contacts



2 contacts - CEASED DECEMBER 2023

, 2 media requests

1 contact

Miraj News

2 contacts

2 contacts


4 contacts

17 contacts, 1 media request

Sajian Sedap

5 contacts, 1 media request

1 contact

Mentawai Kita

1 contact

CNBC Indonesia TV

49 contacts, 2 media requests

2 contacts, 1 media request

1 contact


1 contact


1 contact

SEA Today News

56 contacts, 7 media requests

23 contacts, 5 media requests - CEASED JULY 2023

Ajwa TV

1 contact

5 contacts, 1 media request

3 contacts, 1 media request

2 contacts

Tribun Priangan

3 contacts

1 contact

1 contact

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