Publication Profile: Good magazine

Publication Profile: Good magazine

By Chloe Arentz

Answers submitted by Carolyn Enting, Editor of Good magazine.
Good celebrates its 15th birthday this July. How is the magazine commemorating the milestone?
We’ve produced a special collector’s edition issue celebrating 15 years of leading the sustainability space in the lifestyle sector, and I’m proud to be the Editor for nearly eight of these years. It’s a truly special mid-winter issue that also celebrates Matariki and we’re absolutely stoked to have Stacey Morrison as our cover star. Of course, there’s a special birthday cake recipe - a scrumptious gluten-free chocolate cake with healthy ingredients. The mag hit shelves on Monday 3rd July!
How has Good grown since its first edition, and how have you seen it evolve since your time at the helm?
Good launched as a New Zealand guide to sustainable living and as the country’s first carbon neutral magazine! Today we are proudly Toitū Carbon Zero certified and known for our matte FSC-certified stock. We have stayed true to our founding principles and are a trusted independent publication.

Looking back at Francesca Price’s ed’s letter in issue 01, she wrote: “We don’t want to preach or stop you from doing the things you enjoy…we’ll layout out the facts, give you tips, the how-tos.” And we hold true to that philosophy today. She also predicted that over this 15-year period, we’d see the emergence of a very different society and one that we’d all have the opportunity to play a part in that, to shape the world we live in now. And we have! It's bizarre to think sustainability was a new concept to most of us back then and wonderful that it is now threaded through everything we do at a global, government, business, local and individual level. There is still so much to achieve in this space and that’s what drives me.

We’ve also introduced Good’s Best of Natural Awards, now in its third year, which set the standard for excellence in natural, ethical and sustainable health and wellness. Entries are now open for 2023.
What are Good’s main content pillars?
Wellbeing for people and the planet is one of our mantras. We believe they go hand-in-hand. We seek to help our readers find joy in everyday life while tackling topics, like climate change and stressors that modern life brings. Wellbeing and sustainability are the main pillars that wrap around food, travel, gardening, beauty, home and style. Content that helps our readers live a more fulfilling and sustainable life.
As a print magazine, how does Good maintain its audience and edge amid the rise in content creators and new media platforms?
We take the 360-degree approach. We are not just a print magazine, we’re online and across multiple digital platforms as well as having a weekly e-newsletter. We engage with our readers and work with advertisers across all platforms.
Do you have any advice for budding journalists in the lifestyle space?
Get amongst it. Take internship opportunities and learn as much as you can. Seek out writers whose work you admire for advice and write about what interests you, if you can.
Are there any big trends you’ve noticed this year, and are you keeping an eye on anything in particular as we come into the second half of 2023?
Well AI has certainly shaken up things. For a moment there I thought I might be out of a job but after using it experimentally for research and writing, it doesn’t have the personal touch, soul or absolute accuracy. It’s certainly a useful tool for many things including transcribing. I’m loving which transcribes in many languages, including Māori, quite well.
What's your advice for PRs wanting to work with you and your team?
We are a small team who receives zillions of emails so often can’t respond. Have patience with us and realise we are a business too and that the best way to secure PR is to put some money behind it. We love clear subject lines, pitches that are relevant to our audience and if we love something, we’ll be in touch.

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