Publication Profile: Australian Giftguide

Publication Profile: Australian Giftguide

Tell us about Australian Giftguide. What sort of content do you publish, and how often?
Australian Giftguide is a B2B magazine for the gift and homewares industry that has been around for more than 45 years. In fact, we are celebrating our 50th birthday in a few years’ time!

We have two print editions in January and July, and four digital issues per year. We cover trends, profiles, trade fairs, eCommerce, new products, events, industry insights, and more. We also send out a newsletter each Tuesday afternoon and we are about to re-launch our new website in the next few weeks.

We are currently running an exciting new initiative, the Giftguide Hot 100, where our readers can vote for their favourite wholesalers and retailers in 10 categories. A top 10 for each category will be announced in our January 2023 print issue.

Who’s reading your magazine?
Australian Giftguide is mainly read by retailers in the gift and homewares industry, as well as buyers, designers, and wholesalers.

What are some of the key issues or topics you’ve covered this year?
Following the Covid pandemic, we have covered quite a few new (small) business launches, which is exciting. On the other hand, there are also businesses that have closed down, merged or acquired. Marketplaces have been a topic we covered a few times as well as sustainability and social enterprises. We have done some Industry Insights on how companies dealt with the pandemic and what they did to survive.

Who makes up the editorial team?
I’m the only one in the editorial team and we have two amazing sales managers.

How far in advance are you planning for each edition?
I try to plan about a month in advance. I start researching the topics I want to cover and then contact the companies I want to talk to. I start writing about one-to-two weeks before we go to production.

How can PRs work with Australian Giftguide? What sorts of story pitches are you interested in receiving?
I’m always interested in getting releases about new products, trends, collaborations and new brand, store or business launches. I prefer to have the images (or a link) included so that I don’t have to ask for them as sometimes I’m on a (very) tight deadline.

We get a lot of press releases and requests regarding actual gift guides ie Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc and I understand the name Giftguide can be a bit confusing, but we are not a guide, we are a B2B magazine.

Answers submitted by Marion Gerritsen, Editor.

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