Publication Profile: Billie

Publication Profile: Billie

Answers submitted by Fleur Mealing, Founder / Editor of Billie.

Tell us about Billie and how it got started.
I started Billie in December 2021 to fill the gap left behind by teen magazines like Creme, Girlfriend and Dolly. I think Kiwi GenZ girls deserve a place to go and find content especially for them, during what can be a confusing and difficult time in their lives. Unfortunately, a lot of young girls lack older female role models and / or don’t have anyone to turn to for advice (that isn't mum) so Billie is one place they can go.

Since our launch, we have had a lot of lovely messages from young girls asking for advice or telling us how much they love having a platform aimed at them. Billie also has a large element of pop culture in its content as it's good to have a mix of light and serious at that age. 

What role does Billie play in the wider community? 
Our audience is predominantly GenZ females (aged 13 to 26). Our mission statement is “Billie is your big sister, your best friend, your go-to girl for it all and everything in between” so our role really is like an older sister who has “been there, done that”. 

Who makes up the editorial team?
Just myself! However I have a few amazing contributors, including Ruby Hansen and Lauren Borhani, that help from time to time.

The publication covers a broad range of entertainment, fashion and wellness content - what topics are trending right now?
It's difficult to pinpoint just one trend as they come and go so quickly! We like to cover new releases of film, TV and music and trend-driven and evergreen content on fashion and beauty. Our Life and Wellness sections tend to be more evergreen content that will always be relevant such as career advice, relationships, love, health, and sports.

Do you have any tips for pitching to and getting in touch with Billie?
Email is the best way to contact me. I will always endeavour to respond to all emails! If you aren't sure whether something will be right for Billie, please feel free to pitch it anyway. I will let you know if it's a good fit for us or not.

What other key topics will Billie be covering this year?
We are looking to do more content around female health, especially menstruation and sexual health. The upcoming election is also an important topic on our radar. The importance of voting and making informed choices is something every young person should understand, especially as many will be voting for the first time. Please get in touch if you think you have something that would fit with these themes!

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