Publication Profile: DollarsAndSense

Publication Profile: DollarsAndSense

As DollarsAndSense celebrates its 12th year, how has the publication evolved?
Like many publishers that started in the early 2010s era, we began as a platform focusing solely on publishing high-quality finance articles, with a significant presence on Facebook.

Today, while we still publish multiple articles on a daily basis (the editorial team still works really hard on this!), we've expanded our offerings to include various multimedia formats. We now produce content that includes graphics, comic illustrations, both long and short video content, and podcasts. You can find our content across a wide range of social media channels, including YouTube, Telegram, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, and Apple Music. Whichever platforms you might be on, we are there.

Our content remains the same as we only focus on finance and business topics. Additionally, we've expanded our brand to include DollarsAndSense Business and DollarsAndSense Malaysia, further broadening our reach and content scope.

Can you share some insights into the demographics and interests of DollarsAndSense’s readers?
The audience demographics for our content vary depending on the platform where it is consumed. Generally speaking, the core readership of DollarsAndSense consists of working adults in Singapore, aged between 25 and 65. This age range is significant as it covers working adults who tend to make the most financial decisions.

What are some trends or concerns that younger audiences have that the team is keeping an eye on? In addition, what's the team's opinion on the importance of personal finance publications educating people, especially younger audience?
In the space of finance, it's encouraging to see a widespread consensus on the importance of personal finance across various age groups, including younger individuals. However, the challenge we face lies in the modern audience's tendency toward shorter attention spans, leading to a growing preference for short-form content. Our task is to produce content that is not only concise but also educational and engaging. We also need to continue developing our content responsibly, while striving to stay relevant and appealing to our audience.

What are DollarsAndSense’s content pillars, and what angle / theme / style does each content pillar cover?
Our usual content pillars would be investing, saving and spending, property, insurance and policy-related matters. In the past few years, it has expanded to cover overseas markets like Hong Kong and Malaysia, and business finance content.

What makes a story pitch stand out to the team? Are there any specific elements or angles the team looks out for?
We want something really different! All too often, I receive PR briefs that claim that a certain product, service or insight is new, unique or first-of-its-kind. Often, it’s not.

What's next for DollarsAndSense as it moves beyond its 12th year and continues to engage with its audience?
We are expanding overseas, so that will be the key thrust for us moving forward in the next few years.

Answers submitted by Timothy Ho, Managing Editor & Co-Founder of DollarsAndSense.

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