Publication Profile: FQ Living

Publication Profile: FQ Living

Answers submitted by Editorial Director Nat Davis.

Tell us about FQ Living. What is the publication about and what kind of content do you cover?
FQ Living is a premium lifestyle and interior design media brand launched under the FQ umbrella, an extension of NZ's iconic fashion and beauty magazine, Fashion Quarterly. Dedicated to showcasing the latest trends in home decor, furniture, and design innovation, as well as exceptional experiences and travel destinations, FQ Living is all about life through a design-centric lens.

As well as stunning interior projects, this encompasses everything from new wine blends to impeccably designed restaurants, the latest in automotive, right through to the kitchen sink, literally! If there is a good design story to be told, we’ll cover it in FQ Living. The editorial content pillars include trending products, places of interest, design icons, interiors, experiences, and innovation.

Who is your audience? Who are you trying to reach?
We thoughtfully craft content that connects with design enthusiasts, homeowners, design professionals, and those eager to enhance their life experiences. Whether it's about crafting exquisite living spaces or uncovering innovative products that transform the way we live, FQ Living is here to inspire.

Our goal is to inspire our audience to infuse more joy into their lives through the transformative power of design. FQ Living is being distributed nationwide through typical magazine outlets, available in Air New Zealand’s Premium Lounges across Oceania for guests to take with them, and provided complimentary to NZ’s leading interior designers.

Tell us about your editorial team. Who covers what?
Instead of a conventional editor, we have a forward-thinking, commercial-minded strategist leading the title who is well-connected with the New Zealand design community. Nat Davis, who brings an extensive background in publishing and marketing, is FQ Living’s Editorial Director. She orchestrates contributions from a dynamic and ever-evolving talent pool of these industry leaders.

This innovative model not only enhances the depth and diversity of our content but also ensures that FQ Living remains at the forefront of the design landscape. We believe that industry input is paramount. By working hand-in-hand with leading designers and brands, we create a magazine that truly reflects the pulse of the design industry. This approach ensures that our content remains relevant, engaging, and genuinely connected to the desires and aspirations of our readers, as well as being a voice for the New Zealand design community.

Do you have any editorial deadlines people should know about?
FQ Living magazine is released bi-annually, celebrating the seasons of summer and winter. With two thoughtfully curated print editions each year, we provide our brand partners with consistent print visibility that aligns perfectly with the market's seasonal rhythms.

Additionally, our digital-first strategy complements our print publication, ensuring that our readers can engage with FQ Living’s content throughout the year, 24/7. The print publication acts as the driving force to our online platforms, allowing our readers to discover more about the world of design. These have a combined monthly cumulative reach of 597,686 (May - July 2023) with an EDM database of 28,000 plus.

The first issue of FQ Living goes on sale 27th November. For editorial collaboration, reaching out earlier is always better, with the latest timing for this being the end of October, space-dependent. The deadline for ad bookings is the 7th of November. We are offering some very special introductory rates for FQ Living's launch issue, and agencies should get in touch even if they have a small spend to work with. There is usually some way we can work together.

What advice would you give to PRs hoping to pitch to FQ Living?
We work hand-in-hand with design-centric brands to shape our content. Our editorial director is eager to explore products, locations, and brands that have compelling design narratives. Nat's dedication to cultivating collaboration is what makes FQ Living distinctive. Agencies are welcome to connect with us to explore if there's a potential match.

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