Publication Profile: HoneyKids Asia

Publication Profile: HoneyKids Asia

Tell us more about HoneyKids Asia - what does it aim to achieve, and what sets your publication apart from others in the parenting scene?
HoneyKids Asia is a parenting and lifestyle platform that aims to help families in Singapore live their best, sweetest life. In a nutshell, we’re here to make parents' lives easier, so they can focus on the most important thing - family.

What content do you publish, and what are the different themes or series your team is working on?
We bring the latest and greatest things to do with kids around town, as well as ideas for sanity-saving holidays, family-friendly restaurants, and how to choose the right school. We also publish opinion pieces and give readers the lowdown on trending topics.

We run a number of series on our site, including HoneyKids Tries - where we share our personal, first-hand experience trying out the latest family-friendly activities in Singapore and beyond. We also publish a weekly weekend family guide, a monthly roundup of the latest kid-friendly attractions in Singapore, plus the latest deals and offers for families.

Who is HoneyKids Asia’s target audience, and what kind of audience do you hope to gain more of?
Our target audience is local and expat families based in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appeal to other readers too! We've had great feedback from non-parents and aim to be relevant and valuable to anyone looking to make the most out of SG life. And, if you're after more content, check out our big sister site - The Honeycombers!

We want to be viewed as an honest and reliable source of information for families in Singapore. Bringing readers the latest happenings and the lowdown on parenting trends and topics - your go-to guide and best friend for all things parenting in Singapore.

What key trends or topics are you following at the moment?
We always try to have our ears on the ground and pay attention to what’s gaining traction in Singapore and beyond. We've focused a lot on family travel recently, as it's well and truly back on the cards (hooray!).

What are some pros and cons of covering a kids-centric publication like HoneyKids Asia?
Being parents ourselves, juggling work and family can be a struggle. We’re ambitious, and everyone in the team has a lot on their plates and loads of ideas they'd like to cover. This is why we’re sometimes slow at responding (We’re not ghosting you, we promise…)

Are there any PR pitches you’d like to receive more or less of? How can PRs work best with HoneyKids Asia?
We're open to PR pitches that cover kid- and family-friendly activities, events, and experiences. We're also planning on more giveaways throughout the year, so if brands are keen to collaborate, do get in touch. PRs can reach out to as well as everyone on the HoneyKids team.

Answers submitted by Kate Noble, Editor of HoneyKids Asia.

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