Publication Profile: K-Zone

Publication Profile: K-Zone

By Chloe Arentz

What does a day in the life of K-Zone's Editor look like?
K-Zone is more than just a print magazine, so each day can be quite different - we have a website, social channels, and a newsletter database, which keep me on my toes. 

We also design and create the gifts that come with retail copies of the magazine, which is always a fun - and sometimes stressful - process. On top of that, I’m always working on planning issues and upcoming campaigns, creating and signing off on content, and liaising with contributors or publicists. There’s always something happening.

How have you seen K-Zone evolve during your time with the publication?
K-Zone is Australia’s longest-running magazine for kids (22 years and counting!) and I’ve been fortunate to be the Editor for four years now. Representation and inclusiveness are important to me as an Editor, and we’ve worked hard to make the magazine even more welcoming to all readers. 

When K-Zone first launched in 2000, I would say it was pitched more like a magazine for boys but today, we’re a lot more gender-neutral and cover a variety of interests outside popular culture, including STEAM, sports, and other inspiring real-life people. Of course, we still have the evergreen classic K-Zone content like pranks, jokes and prizes - that never goes out of style with kids!

COVID-19 has been a challenging time for many brands, but we saw a strong uplift in sales, with parents looking for alternatives to screen time and for different ways to keep their kids engaged during the lockdowns. COVID-19 also allowed us to work on new ways to give something extra to our fans. In April 2020, we produced a free downloadable activity book (in conjunction with our sister title, Total Girl) with over 50 activities, and we have produced three more since. Over the last year, we’ve also produced a lot more content for our YouTube channel and developed a family-friendly Instagram account as another way to engage with our readers.

To be part of a brand that’s adored by kids and trusted by parents for over 22 years is pretty incredible. The thrill of hearing someone sharing their fond memories of K-Zone never gets old. I hope in the years to come that there will be a generation excited to dig up the issues we are currently producing too.

Who makes up the editorial team?
We have an immediate team of four people that consists of myself; our Art Director, Johnny Phillips; our Features Writer / Sub-Editor / Digital Editor, Aideen Weingarth; and Videographer / Social Media Manager, Isabela Gonzalez. We also have fantastic freelance contributors and work closely with our awesome Marketing Executive, Client Partnerships Manager and Associate Publisher. We’re looking forward to starting our intern program back up again. Like many others in the past and present K-Zone team, I started off as an Intern in the industry - I know the value of providing opportunities for future generations to grow and lead one day!

What are the key verticals or topics K-Zone covers as a children’s interest publication? How do you source this content?
Being a monthly kids publication, we cover the latest releases in gaming, movies, TV, streaming, books, toys, and tech. We also cover sports, STEAM, stunts, unique records, and inspiring achievements. We source this content through research, press releases, contact with publicists, and regular pitch and development sessions. K-Zone prides itself on knowing what kids are interested in and passionate about, and we keep up to date with the latest playground trends through feedback from our readers, as well as qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Do you have any recent audience or readership figures to share?
As part of the nextmedia Kids Network, together with our sister publication, Total Girl, we reach over half a million kids every month via our print, digital, video, and social channels.

How does K-Zone work with PRs? And any tips or advice for media professionals wanting to get in touch?
We work in editorial and commercial capacities and also work with publicists for promotions - like many media businesses in 2022, we wear a lot of hats!

The print publication works about two to three months in advance for planning purposes. K-Zone is available in supermarkets, newsagents, airports, petrol stations, libraries, playgrounds, backpacks, hospitals, after school care, birthday parties, and pretty much everywhere kids are reading and having fun.

We absolutely love working with publicists and meeting new partners and clients - the only thing I would say is that while we are a kids' publication, pitches relating to babies and pre-schoolers are not our demographic.

Answers submitted by Angela Lee, Editor of K-Zone.

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