Publication Profile: Matters Magazine

Publication Profile: Matters Magazine

By Cindy Paskalina Kweesar

Following the takeover of Matters magazine last October, Telum spoke to Dr Shari Hall, the new Managing Editor, about its editorial team and how PRs can work together to reach the publication's target audience.

Answers submitted by Managing Editor Dr Shari Hall.

Tell us about Matters Magazine.
Matters Magazine is the pulse of the Sunshine Coast, dedicated to highlighting "What matters most in business on the Coast." Since 2006, our magazine has striven to inspire readers to reach their fullest potential both in life and business. We serve as a platform for education, inspiration, and connection for business professionals, offering them a unique opportunity to showcase their expertise through dedicated articles. 

Our prestige content-driven approach distinguishes us, giving our advertisers the credibility they seek in a bustling marketplace. Our ethos revolves around championing narratives that resonate deeply with the Sunshine Coast and broader community, emphasising stories that spark genuine connections and foster mutual growth. Beyond just sharing stories, our mission is to create a community where knowledge-sharing, mutual support, and genuine connections thrive. We're not just a magazine; we're a movement - celebrating the best of the Sunshine Coast, both in business and life. 

Matters was purchased in October 2023 by Matters Publishing, Pty Limited. Luke Hawley is CEO and Managing Director, and Dr Shari Hall is Managing Editor.
Who is your audience?
Matters Magazine is uniquely positioned in the marketplace of free publications on the Sunshine Coast as the only business-to-business periodical. While our target market is business professionals, the magazine is read by thousands of people across the Coast sitting in any location you can imagine someone sitting: doctors, solicitors, accountancy and financial planner's offices, cafés and restaurants, salons and waiting rooms, hospitals, retail shopfronts, real estate agent offices, community centres - Matters is there.

Matters will publish three issues in 2024, print 12,000 copies per issue, and distribute to more than 5,000 locations, hand-delivered to nearly every shopfront from Beerwah to Pomona, QLD. Our free publication boasts a strong local presence and an expanding online footprint, including the upcoming release of the Matters App, reaching enthusiasts globally.

Tell us about your editorial team. 
Dr Shari Hall is the Managing Editor of Matters Magazine. A retired anaesthetist, educated at Yale and Columbia Universities in the USA, she has been an avid writer, sub-editor, and magazine contributor for more than eight years. Shari has a diverse background and professional career spanning multiple industries - medicine, real estate, tertiary education, aged care, and professional entertainment, just to name a few.

A published author, speaker, singer / songwriter, and an experienced copywriter, her ability to write captivating stories that engage the reader and evoke a response ensures advertisers establish a genuine connection with potential future customers.

Other members of the local Sunshine Coast team include: Do you have any editorial deadlines people should know about?
Matters Magazine will publish three issues in 2024: March, July, and November. Upcoming editorial deadlines for content (copy and / or advertisements) are as follows:
  • Issue 106 Sustainability*: July 2024 - 31st May 2024
  • Issue 107 Family*: November 2024 - 27th September 2024
*working theme (not confirmed)
More information and our media kit are available here.

What advice would you give to PRs hoping to pitch to Matters Magazine?
At Matters Magazine, it's all about the story. As an advertiser-subsidised magazine, Matters is devoted to sharing the stories from our Matters advertiser community that inspire, educate, engage, and connect business professionals locally and globally. We believe it's through the story that long-lasting business relationships are developed, formed, and nurtured. The story connects business professionals with the community of readers in a manner that instils trust, authority, expertise, and confidence because of sharing lived experiences, lessons learned, and knowledge and wisdom gained. We also feature stories from business authors and help promote their books through our Matters ecosystem.
If PRs have clients with a story to share, Matters wants to share it with the world.

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