Publication Profile: So Dramatic! Online

Publication Profile: So Dramatic! Online

Answers submitted by Megan Pustetto, Founder / Editor

Describe So Dramatic! Online for someone who has never seen the platform.
So Dramatic! Online is Australia's number one destination for all things reality TV. We're an entertainment news site covering breaking news updates, scandals, the latest gossip, exclusive interviews, recaps, and more.

We also love to use our platform to start important conversations about celebrities and influencers, whilst adding meaning and social context to the entertainment news and gossip space.

Who makes up the editorial team?
So Dramatic! Online has an incredible team of journalists keeping the site running day-to-day: digital content producers Zoe Levine, Indi Brummelen, and Jess Tredinnick, as well as myself overseeing editorial.

Do you have a favourite story you’ve covered this year?
It would have to be the story we broke on MAFS couple Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James recoupling. We love a good love story! Also can't go past exposing Harrison Boon's secret girlfriend - Bachelor star Abby Miller.

So Dramatic! Online recently launched a new vertical "So Social". Can you tell us about it?
We recently expanded our offering with the launch of our So Social pages, featuring image-based content of reality stars and celebs from events. Our readers love seeing glamourous images of their favourite stars out in the wild, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to provide another element of editorial coverage.

What kind of pitches do you want to receive?
We would love pitches for our So Social pages, it's a great way for brands and PR agencies to showcase their brands and get more coverage on their events. We're currently taking submissions for this:

We love getting any tip-offs about reality stars or TV shows (you can remain completely anonymous): We also love getting pitches for talent to feature on the podcast.

Any top tips for brands and PRs wanting to work with you?
Keep emails succinct and straight to the point. Get in as early as possible. Don't be shy.

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