Telum Talks To: Likha Cuevas, Head of Southeast Asia at Mergermarket

By Nico Regino

​​​​​​Telum Media spoke with Likha Cuevas, the Head of Southeast Asia at Mergermarket, to chat about her work as region head of the title, her journey towards niche reporting, as well as tips for PRs and budding journalists. 

Use the timecodes to jump ahead:
00:51 - what started her interest in journalism or writing
01:14 - her accidental venture into business journalism
03:38 - more about Mergermarket
06:06 - how Mergermarket receives press materials
06:36 - tips on how to pitch to Mergermarket
09:43 - advice to aspiring business journalists

Likha shares that perseverance and tenacity are very important qualities when pursuing business journalism and reporting for mergers and acquisitions: "Going into this, it requires a steep learning curve. I read all the materials that I could, I asked my editor, I watched all the reporters around me. I studied and studied and watched the news before I went out of the house, I watch the news before I went to bed. I know that sounds crazy, but you have to learn in every little way, so you can keep up..."

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