Shifting Perspectives: Richard Delaney, Content Marketing Manager, Kerry Consulting

Shifting Perspectives: Richard Delaney, Content Marketing Manager, Kerry Consulting

Richard Delaney
Shifting Perspectives is a new Telum Media series that dives into the experiences of journalists who have embarked on a transformative path from media to communications.

Tell us about your role.

In my role as Content Marketing Manager at Kerry Consulting, I am responsible for all organic marketing initiatives. I work across multiple marketing channels, with a strong focus on PR and content campaigns. Day-to-day that might include working to place a quote from one of our recruitment consultants, creating content for our website or writing and distributing press releases. It is a role that changes like the wind, which is what I love about it!

Our aim at Kerry Consulting is to be the go-to authority for recruitment and human resources information for journalists in Singapore and wider SEA. With that goal in mind, much of my time is spent on brand-building and networking with writers across the region. The best part of my job is working at the intersection of PR and SEO, figuring out unique and creative ways to drive backlinks to our site. Digital PR, while time-consuming, is always a fun and rewarding channel to work on.

What inspired your career move?
I am Irish and live in Singapore. I moved here to join Kerry Consulting in early 2022, and prior to that I was the Managing Editor for multiple iGaming media sites in Dublin. I loved my time working as an editor in Europe, but after the brunt of the pandemic I was keen for a switch-up. I wanted to travel and am people-oriented, so a position in a recruitment consultancy in Singapore suited me perfectly!

Moving here, I was hoping to find significant purpose in my work. I am happy that I have done exactly that with Kerry. The people here are great, and it is nice to know that the work of the marketing department helps facilitate our consultants to connect candidates with exciting roles.

What differences have you observed between the two industries?
The goalposts for writers and PR practitioners are entirely different. As a writer, your mission is to produce excellent content; you are rightly concerned with specific detail and want your work to be considered and impactful. I have found my PR work to be more fast-paced and less nuanced. You must wear many hats as a corporate communications professional, and my way of working has changed because of that.

I have found it more chaotic than just writing and editing, but it is massively rewarding when campaign elements come together and sing.

How has your view of the PR industry changed since leaving journalism?
In my previous marketing/writing roles I worked closely with PR professionals, so I have had a good grasp of the industry for a while. However, when I studied PR as a module in university, I naively assumed the practice was as simple as whacking together an Excel sheet of names and sending off a mass email. It is not! Now, many years later working in the industry, I can say that it is a lot more complicated and requires informed strategy at every turn.

Now that you are on the other side, what advice would you have for journalists?
The key to unlocking a compelling story often lies in access, and that access is often granted through strong relationships with PR managers. While maintaining your independence and integrity as a writer is paramount, it is important to cultivate relationships with PR professionals. Never forget how important networking is. PRs are a friendly bunch, always up for a coffee - especially before 9am!

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