Telum Vox Pop: Key topics to look out for in 2024

Telum Vox Pop: Key topics to look out for in 2024

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As we embark on 2024, Telum invited a few journalists to share their thoughts and insights on the key topics and trends they anticipate covering in the first half of this year. Here's what they have to say:

Aimie Pardas, News Editor at Harian Metro
One of the major events in Malaysia in 2024 will be the installation of the 17th Yang di-Pertuan Agong, when the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar will take over in January. Taxes are also expected to be widely covered, especially as an increase in service tax, capital gains tax, and a tax on high-value goods are expected to come into effect in 2024, whilst a 10 percent sales tax on online purchases of imported goods under RM500 will be implemented. People will also be keeping a close eye on subsidies, which are also expected to be reduced in 2024, especially the fuel subsidy and how it will be implemented. Other issues include electric vehicles and artificial intelligence.

Syahirah Mokhtazar, Head of Lifestyle at Sinar Daily
With AI or artificial intelligence being one of the biggest tech buzzwords in 2023, I’m anticipating more topics on how AI will continue to revolutionise various aspects of our lives, transforming healthcare, how we think, travel, interact, and more.
Due to the Ozempic ripple effect, what does the diet culture and body positivity look like in 2024? Wellness aside, we’re also seeing a resurgence of Covid cases. Perhaps topics surrounding respiratory infections and how this will affect the healthcare landscape will take over headlines.
In the fashion realm, the “old money fashion” or “quiet luxury” trend made its rounds on social media, but what will be the fashion trends that define 2024? Are the 90s and Y2K looks also still relevant?

Tun Hizami Hashim, Producer at The Morning Run, BFM 89.9
The start of each year brings crucial discussions and changes that shape politics, economics, technology, and society.

One area likely to remain in the spotlight is technological advancement, particularly the rollout and implementation of 5G networks. This technology holds the potential to revolutionise industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, and to facilitate the development of smart cities and autonomous vehicles. However, its deployment faces challenges related to infrastructure and regulatory frameworks, making it a focal point for governments and businesses alike.

In sync with technological advancements, the debate over data privacy and cybersecurity measures continues to intensify. As more aspects of our lives become digitised, safeguarding personal information and ensuring secure online transactions remain critical. Post-pandemic economic growth and recovery are undeniably significant. Governments worldwide are navigating strategies to stimulate economic resurgence, focusing on targeted subsidies, infrastructure investment, and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Balancing short-term support with long-term sustainable growth remains a key challenge.

Concerning the environment, sustainability measures and climate action are expected to maintain momentum. Governments and corporations face pressure not only to set ambitious climate goals but also to implement concrete steps to achieve them. This could involve discussions around renewable energy subsidies, emissions reduction targets, and investments in green infrastructure.

Moreover, ongoing tensions, notably in the region encompassing Israel and Palestine, significantly influence international relations and policies. Efforts to pursue peace and stability remain a core focus, driving discussions and negotiations to address the longstanding conflict and prioritise the well-being of affected populations, both geopolitically and on humanitarian fronts.

Poovenraj Kanagaraj, Founder / Editor at Disruptr
Corporates, startups and GLCs alike are bound to highlight more of their ESG initiatives this time of the year around as the traction on the trend last year was rising. As Disruptr focuses more on entrepreneurs and the startup ecosystem, I hope to see more funding and expansion highlights from founders in Malaysia.

There's also a rising focus on AI, so we do expect to see more pitches from the business ecosystem on this aspect as new offerings utilising AI may be introduced this year.

Dhesegaan Bala Krishnan, Journalist at LIFE Desk Malay Mail
In 2024, newsrooms should step up their reporting on the secondary effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on children. Several studies have noted a rise in developmental delay among children, such as speech delay and behavioural changes post-lockdown. These stories should be making the headlines in 2024 to inspire change in parenting styles and drive the government towards drawing up intervention programmes.

Sukhbir Cheema, Lead at SAYS Tech 
Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to take centre stage again in 2024, revolutionising the way we work. With the advent of AI and the ease and swiftness to quickly plan, curate, and create content, expect more brands to take advantage of this technology. As for the media industry, the introduction of AI coupled with short-form videos will only see the landscape become even more competitive as new smaller players emerge to grab their share of the market. While this is good news for brands looking to publicise and market their products and services affordably, the advantage will be with media brands that optimise and automate their workflow through AI and rely more on first-party data to engage with their audience.

Nathan Hew, Writer at Study International
In higher education, our audience is getting smarter and more particular about what they want from a tertiary education.

As an education writer, I'm expecting to see more stories and analysis within the ed-tech space, more universities offering micro-credentials or altering their existing offerings to cater towards hybrid or remote learning, as well as how universities are tackling the cost of living crisis — a problem that would only get worse in the coming year.

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