Publication Profile: The Metro Edit

Publication Profile: The Metro Edit

Tell us more about The Metro Edit - what does it aim to achieve and what makes your publication different from others in the beauty and lifestyle industry?
The Metro Edit aims to be a curated source of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content for millennial women. What sets it apart from other publications is that it’s founded and run by a millennial woman herself, Gretchen Gatan Fragada, who has always enjoyed creating fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content since 2013. She hopes to delve deep into the stories that matter to The Metro Edit’s audience and put together articles that not only entertain but also inform and inspire.

Can you share some insights into the demographics and interests of The Metro Edit readers? 
The Metro Edit’s readers are 77% female and 23% male between the ages of 18 and 44 years old. However, a bulk of its readers are aged 25 to 34. Their interests include media and entertainment, technology, travel, shopping, and beauty and personal care.

What key trends or sectors are you following at the moment? 
In the ever-evolving world of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, current trends and sectors reflect a dynamic blend of innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. Fashion is witnessing a surge in sustainable and ethical practices, with a focus on eco-friendly materials, transparent supply chains, and circular fashion concepts. Beauty has embraced a diverse range of representations, celebrating authenticity and individuality. In lifestyle, there's a growing interest in wellness and self-care, with an emphasis on mental health, mindfulness, and holistic living. The convergence of these trends is what shapes The Metro Edit. Additionally, we’re always on the lookout for local brands that help elevate the industry.

Are there any exciting plans in 2024 that readers can anticipate?
As The Metro Edit embarks on an exciting journey of growth this 2024, we are eager to build an exceptional team of contributing writers that will drive our content to new heights. Readers can anticipate articles that go beyond the surface, delving into the cultural, societal, and technological nuances that influence the realms we cover.

What kind of pitches would be successfully picked up and covered? What kind of pitches do you hope to see less of?
The Metro Edit thrives on pitches that embody a perfect blend of innovation, relevance, and cultural resonance within the realms of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. We are particularly drawn to pitches that highlight emerging trends, celebrate diversity, and showcase sustainable practices in the fashion and beauty industries. We are keen on covering stories that empower and inspire our readers, fostering a sense of inclusivity and authenticity.
However, pitches revolving around outdated or clichéd concepts, lack of originality, or those not aligned with our values may be less likely to capture our attention. We aim to steer clear of content that perpetuates harmful stereotypes or fails to contribute to the evolving conversations within our dynamic editorial scope. The Metro Edit is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and, as such, seeks pitches that reflect a forward-thinking approach and a commitment to positive change.

Thank you, Gretchen Gatan Fragada, Founder / Editor-in-Chief, for doing this interview with us. Read the interview online or share the link here.

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