Publication Profile: TRAVELinc

Publication Profile: TRAVELinc

Tell us about TRAVELinc - what is the publication about and what does it aim to achieve?
TRAVELinc Memo focuses entirely on the business of travel - i.e. organising, planning and selling holidays, business trips, and incentive programmes. The publication has been depleted (for obvious reasons) over the past couple years but, as borders open, we are getting busy again and adding some of our familiar touches. These include separate pages dedicated to different regions (for example, Asia, Europe, and Australia) and topics (airlines, cruising, and corporate travel). The aim is to connect those who provide travel experiences with those who sell them.

Who’s reading TRAVELinc?
Our main readership are retail travel advisors - shop based agents, brokers working from home and also mobile agents. We also have a solid readership base among product managers and others in the wholesale environment.

What sort of content do you publish, and how often?
News is the main focus - what are suppliers (hotels, airlines, cruise companies, rental car operators etc.) offering that is different and appealing to the consumer. We also cover issues that effect the travel trade - commissions, trends, government policies, borders closing and opening (hopefully that is a subject that will have less prominence very soon). We attend and report on conferences and trade shows directed at the industry.

Are there any areas of travel content you’re focused on in particular this year? 
Right now, it is all about business returning and the challenges and opportunities involved - staff shortages loom large, as do ways for agents to make money in the new environment - i.e. changing business models and charging fees.

How big is your editorial team? Who covers what?
Our editorial team is reduced to one - me. It is important to generate original copy from readers and suppliers, but I also welcome product updates, and press releases (subject to editing if required).

How can PRs work with TRAVELinc? Are there any pitches you’d like more (or less) of?
I’m always happy to hear from PRs. Be prepared to have superlatives cut from the release - news and facts are what I am after, not turquoise seas, breathtaking and thrilling views or intriguing kaleidoscopes of fabled experiences.

Any editorial deadlines to be aware of?
Mondays and Thursdays at noon NZ time for publication at 5.15am on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Answers submitted by Stu Freeman, Editor of TRAVELinc.

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