Telum Talks To: Teddy Cambosa, Deputy Regional Editor at MARKETECH APAC

Telum Talks To: Teddy Cambosa, Deputy Regional Editor at MARKETECH APAC

By Nico Regino

Teddy Cambosa started at MARKETECH APAC during the height of the pandemic in 2020. From a budding Regional Tech Journalist, he rose to the rank of Deputy Regional Editor in less than three years. Aside from his daily editorial tasks, Teddy still finds time to do freelance writing. We caught up with him to talk about trends in the marketing industry, connecting with digital journalists, and more.

Tell us a bit about MARKETECH APAC, why and how did you start in the publication?
MARKETECH APAC is a dedicated marketing-centric media company that aims to connect all marketing industry stakeholders such as brands, agencies, tech companies, media, platforms, and SMEs. As a media company, we understand that there should be an ecosystem where both big and small brands and agencies have an equal voice to share and learn from one another in terms of the marketing and advertising scene.

While I have a background in studying Biology, I had a brief stint working as a content researcher for a consulting company, which pushed my interest in the marketing and advertising scene. At that time, I was fascinated by the various business industry facets such as cybersecurity and financial services, and I wanted to learn more about them. For me, I joined MARKETECH APAC not only because I was interested in it but also because I wanted to tell great stories about the marketing and advertising industry in APAC and globally.

I started out at MARKETECH APAC as its Regional Tech Journalist back in October 2020, where I covered tech-related marketing and advertising news and updates, which includes marketing technology (martech), advertising technology (adtech), customer relationship (CRM), customer experience (CX), among others. Over time, my writing expanded into writing other marketing and advertising beats, including marketing campaigns, appointments, agency mandates, reports, and many others. This has then led me to do more original content, interviewing industry experts about their insights on the latest industry trends.

How does a typical day as a Deputy Regional Editor goes?
A typical day for a Deputy Regional Editor starts off with assigning the latest stories and press materials to my team of regional journalists. Giving these stories depends on what markets we need to focus on, how important it is for readers at the moment, and how impactful the story is across the industry.

Aside from assigning stories that come into our emails, I also keep track of moves and trends across various channels and come up with a story pitch when needed. With a wide network of industry experts we have built over the years, we can reach out to relevant leaders to gather their insights and statements for our stories.

You work with a lot of leads and press materials in your role, how do you usually sift through these?
As an editor, there are three pointers I need to consider for a PR to pass through. First, is it actually remotely related to the industry we cater to? Second, how timely the story is in terms of urgency and impact not just to readers but to the industry as a whole. And lastly, does the story bring value to the industry?

What is an ideal story pitch for MARKETECH APAC?
An ideal story pitch for MARKETECH APAC, aside from being related to the marketing and advertising scene, is one that offers a fresh perspective on various facets of the industry. Moreover, it should also focus on the marketing and advertising implications of various recent updates in mainstream media.

True to our mantra of “making marketing for all”, we look forward to pitches that are not just only relevant from a surface-level perspective but also relevant in the longer run, and how it affects those in the industry, whether small or large agencies or brands.

What can you say about the way Filipino journalists cover the marketing industry in the country? What's your outlook regarding marketing news here in the Philippines and in the global scale?
At the moment, marketing and advertising beats in the Philippines focus more on large campaign stunts and perhaps campaign fiascos. But to be honest, there is more to cover in terms of other hidden initiatives, waiting to be told. For me, the local marketing / advertising scene shouldn’t be all just about these big events but rather an insider look at how the industry works, how it thrives, and how it sees current trends shaping the future of the industry.

In terms of marketing news on a global scale, it will only continue to grow as we get introduced to more tools and channels to execute marketing campaigns through. And with that growth, there will be more industry experts helping shape the conversation of the marketing industry, and I am thrilled to cover what’s next for various marketing strategies.

Any parting advice for PRs who are looking to connect with a new generation of journalists?
Reel us in with a unique proposition: this is my single piece of advice for PRs who want to connect with the new wave of digital journalists. As we are swarmed with a wave of content–more often than not just for earned media–a unique angle and a story help you stand out not just in the industry but also help it breach the mainstream scene.

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