Red Havas launches global practice for executive branding and visibility

Red Havas launches global practice for executive branding and visibility

Red Havas Group has announced the global launch of Peaks, a multi-channel executive branding service designed to help C-suite executives develop a personal brand, following a 12-month trial in the Australian market. The practice’s expansion into a global offering is the result of increasing demand for global approaches to purpose-driven strategic communications.

Peaks offers services customised for each client, across a wide spectrum of executive personal branding needs, such as:
  • Enhanced awareness of personal brand, PR and communications impact, which will result in personal, professional and corporate alignment.
  • Brand expression and communications plan documents, including personalised principles, guidance and timetables covering the key action points.
  • Cause profile development, including charity and non-profit board involvement recommendations and introductions.
  • A multi-channel programme, including social media, to launch personal brands online.
  • Representation for the speaking circuit, including identifying the appropriate circuit and the right public speaking opportunities.

Managing Partner Corporate and Public Affairs at Red Havas Australia, Matt Thomas said: “Effective executive profiling requires a wholistic approach, where C-suite executives are empowered to develop their personal brand and thought leadership strategy, supported by subject matter experts within their businesses. Through Havas Peaks we work with these executives as well as their organisation’s rising stars to take on larger and more public-facing roles that builds brand and enhances reputation.”

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