Spotlight On... Nicholas Ferguson, Communications Director, Thistle Work Communications

Spotlight On... Nicholas Ferguson, Communications Director, Thistle Work Communications

Welcome to the Telum Spotlight, an ongoing series showcasing people working in the PR and Communications space, freelancers and those launching their own boutique agencies. Today we shine the Spotlight on Nicholas Ferguson, who is a Communications Director at Thistle Work Communications in Singapore.

By way of Introduction: 
Thistle Work Communications began in 2018 and is a boutique public relations consultancy that specialises in technology, corporate communications and consumer PR. At our core, we are storytellers dedicated to finding the right story and telling it in the best, most interesting way possible. Our philosophy is to ensure that we tell a story that is original, relevant, insightful and objective. Whether it’s on traditional or social media, our goal is to develop communications strategies that will raise profiles and highlight the best and brightest aspects of our client’s brand. Most of all, we want to create and tell stories that resonate with the right audiences.

First job: 
My first paid job was at a 7/11 store when I was 15. After finishing my National Service, I spent several years as a nightclub DJ and it was during that time that I discovered a passion for writing and became a journalist.

One thing you would change about communications industry: 
The belief that public relations is just “Spin” and that nothing is real. Real PR comes from truth and passion, not from making up aggrandized stories.

Most admired person in comms:
White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki. She is the epitome of the knowledgeable and ever-prepared communications specialist. She has an answer to everything and can readily respond to every journalist’s question with a solid, logical and substantive answer.

Most admired journalist: 
Jim Acosta from CNN. He is determined and sticks to his guns, even when he is set upon, and he sticks to logic and truth.

Advice to anyone starting out in comms:
Always over deliver. Under promise, over deliver and be willing to go the extra mile to give your client or your company a successful campaign.

Essential daily reading: 
News and social media. Keep up with what’s going on to stay aware of the trends.

Favourite book: 
Anything by Neil Gaiman.

Favourite film: 
The Crow.

Social media app you can’t live without: 
Don’t really have one. I come from the generation that grew up without Google.

Your proudest achievement: 
Being a father to two beautiful children.

Quotable you (what’s your most often used saying or quote?): 
"Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for." - Professor X (I’m a nerd and proud of it).

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