Telum Media's Australia and New Zealand Christmas Poem (2021 Edition)

Telum Media's Australia and New Zealand Christmas Poem (2021 Edition)

'Twas the night before Christmas,
The newsrooms were calm,
The journos on leave, 
Gone bush, beach or farm.

In the offices of Telum, 
Our team was so grateful,
For our press and PR pals, 
To whom we’re so faithful.

But before we sign off,
For some holiday cheer,
Let’s check out the headlines,
From a cracker of a year.

Our year began,
As the previous had ended,
With more COVID and Zoom,
And lockdowns extended;

New variants, some freedoms,
And vaccines galore.
Wear a mask! Wash your hands!
And check in at the door!

Harry and Meghan,
Spilled royal tea,
Adele made a comeback, 
Britney’s now #free. 

"But what of the media?"
We hear you ask,
The ones who engaged us,
And took pollies to task.

‘21 was a big year,
For all our news breakers,
Let’s run through the headlines,
From our big content makers.

BuzzFeed went public, 
A new CEO for Nine,
Junkee was sold,
Seven West nabbed Prime.

Print media returned,
From pandemic suspensions,
New outlets were launched,
That broke with conventions.

Australia saw launches,
In magazines and online,
Harper's BAZAAR and T Australia,
And Refinery29;

A new SMH Editor, 
RN farewelled Fran Kelly,
The Australian’s first female editor, 
And Alan Jones is on web telly.

David Skapinker left Telum,
But don't fret, he's close by,
He'll still champion media,
Just from the JNI.

The industry invested,
In the next generation,
With cadets appointed,
All over the nation.

Newsrooms signed up,
To Google's News Showcase,
And now share their content,
To folks all over the place.

If we call them by name, 
We won't catch them all,
But like Santa's reindeers, 
Let’s run the roll call:

Now Yahoo! Now Nine! Now Guardian Australia!
On ABC and SBS! On Seven West Media!

Another fair nation, 
Marked radio’s centenary,
Ahead of MediaWorks’ new station;

Has a new CEO,
Fresh hosts are en route,
To The AM Show.

But for now, we at Telum
Must bid you adieu,
That is, at least, 
Until 2022.

Keep sending us news
And moves, and requests,
And when we return, 
We’ll deliver the best!

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