Telum Talks To: Rocky Teodoro, News Editor at Rigzone

Telum Talks To: Rocky Teodoro, News Editor at Rigzone

Telum Media spoke with Rocky Teodoro, News Editor at Rigzone. He shared insights from his varied editorial experience spanning two decades. Rocky also spoke about how these roles influenced his leaning towards financial and energy news. Plus, tips for PRs wanting to work with the publication.

What sparked your interest in journalism?
I've delved into different fields of writing in my career: technical writing, features, magazine articles, etc. Once I tried my hand at journalism, it felt like the most natural fit for me because I like to write concisely and impactful. Being at the forefront of information that could impact the decisions of others is a great thrill and privilege.

Were you assigned in other beats before? How or why did you choose to focus on the energy industry?
The financial / energy news beat is my favorite since it involves news that can move the world, but is less about personalities and politics. If you think about it, money really does make the world go round, and this beat is at the forefront of it.

Could you share with us what a typical day of work is like for you as News Editor at Rigzone?
First, we scan and vet stories on what's happening in the energy industry. Then we assign some to our contributors -- the more important ones, we write ourselves.

Can you share the top three topics you will be watching out for in 2024?
There have been a lot of major M&A activity in the oil majors in the past year, and they are forming what we call "oil supermajors". The drama and conflict between the oil and gas firms versus the hardcore green organisations who want to shut down all oil operations is also interesting to follow. Finally, the financial and technical challenges in moving to renewables from fossil fuels is also a good trend to observe.

Do you work with PRs at all? Any top tips for them if they want to engage with you and Rigzone? 
Quite a number of PR firms send me their materials and invite me to interviews and events from time to time. I suggest they craft their pitch on how their stories would impact the readers of Rigzone -- which are investors, executives, and people who work in the industry.

What's the best advice you've had from your mentors and what advice would you give to aspiring journalists?
The best piece of advice I've received in the field of financial news is "follow the money" -- and it's something I pass on to prospective financial journalists as well when I hold news writing workshops.

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