Telum Talks To… Aaron Woolner, Asia Editor,

Telum Talks To… Aaron Woolner, Asia Editor,

Could you share with us some of your major responsibilities?
I’m setting up the Asia desk for so currently, I’m focusing on recruiting journalists and sub-editors. Once there is a team in place, my role will be to edit the daily output of breaking news and analysis and oversee the production of regular videos and podcasts
Please tell us more about What’s its history, aims and audience?, the company, is a retail trading platform which was launched in 2016. Earlier this year, it set up a separate news service, based out of London - which is now being expanded to include Asia and the Americas. This will provide 24-hour global markets coverage, Monday to Friday. 
The audience is global retail investors - ranging from HNWs to those who just make the occasional trade. From the Asia desk at that includes retail investors across the Asia Pacific and globally at investors interested in the region’s markets. looks at all major asset classes, as well as reporting on important macro stories. 
We are also in the process of setting up a crypto focussed news service,, which will also be a global news service - and this is planned to run 24-7.
We need to recruit a lot of journalists.  
How is the team made up at   Where do you have people and what are your future plans? is hiring in Asia! Asia will cover regional markets (excluding South Asia) from the opening of Tokyo and Sydney, with coverage then handed over to London as markets close. 
In addition to the Asia team, there is a desk in London, another in North America, and an India desk is also being set up. 
Globally we have former Bloomberg, The Globe and Mail, and Fortune Magazine journalists on the team, and in Asia, I’m looking to hire experienced reporters. The set-up is totally remote - as long as the reporters are in an Asian timezone, it doesn’t matter where they are located. 
I’m looking for financial journalists with at least three years’ experience and I’m keen to hear from reporters and editors working for national titles, in places like Malaysia and The Philippines, who are interested in an international role. 
It would be great to have an experienced data journalist on the team also. 
You are based in Georgia and looking after the news direction and operation for Asia Pacific, why the arrangement and are there any challenges?
The main challenge is getting up in the morning! Tbilisi is four hours behind Hong Kong, so I’m looking to relocate to an Asian timezone as soon as possible so I can return to a decent sleeping pattern. 
What do you look out for in a PR pitch? What topics interest you and your team most?
Currently, I am looking for analyst reports linked to Asia-Pacific equities, commodities and FX markets, and important regional macro indicators. I am also keen to hear from spokespeople who are able to give commentary to developments in those markets, either in arranged interviews or in reaction to market moves.  
Over time output will expand to include more in-depth analysis and profiles but for the moment I am focussing on covering major news developments.

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