Telum Talks To... Cameron Myles, Homepage Editor at WAtoday

Telum Talks To... Cameron Myles, Homepage Editor at WAtoday

What does your role as Homepage Editor at WAtoday involve?
For the most part, I produce and sub-edit stories from WAtoday journalists, maintain the site's homepage, help keep up our social media presence, and produce our daily newsletters. But we're a small team at WAtoday, and I'm often called up to write, help out with other coverage, or even flex some graphics or photography skills. 

How often do you update the website?
The homepage is constantly updated with breaking news and interesting stories that crop up, but we aim for about five major refreshes a day; twice in the morning, a big midday refresh, and another two major refreshes in the afternoon and evening. 

How closely do you work with the other Nine metro newspaper teams, like The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald?
We speak to our east coast counterparts daily and any story we think will be interesting to a national audience gets pitched to their editors for consideration to run online or in print. You'll often see WAtoday journalists' bylines in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. 

Prior to joining WAtoday, you worked for several local newspapers - what are the main differences you've observed between these different types of newsrooms?
We've got a really broad coverage area at WAtoday - we take on stories from Kununurra down to Esperance and everywhere in between - and a readership that is interested in a range of topics. But I think the biggest difference is the level of collaboration with our friends in TV and radio. WAtoday shares a newsroom with 9 News Perth, and we're in constant communication with the radio team at 6PR. That means when big news breaks, we can team up and utilise our combined resources to have every angle covered, and if we've got a big exclusive we can arrange for it to go out across TV, radio and online. 

Are you open to receiving PR pitches? If so, what kinds of pitches, and how should they be sent?
We're always open to PR pitches, especially on stories concerning the environment, property, and the latest happenings in Perth's city life. We also love a quirky, offbeat story with a good photo opportunity, or anything that can go across the network and will also work for radio and TV. 

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