Telum Talks To: Christina Pantin from Global Commtrepreneurs Network

Telum Talks To: Christina Pantin from Global Commtrepreneurs Network

Global Commtrepreneurs Network (GCN) has launched across APAC, comprising seven founding members who already run their own independent communications advisory firms. The network is a community of independent communication entrepreneurs, offering both a support network for professional communicators as well as a new communications solution. Christina Pantin, Founder of Toot and founding member of GCN, sat down with Telum to share more details on the network’s vision and what it is about.

Tell us about the Global Commtrepreneurs Network - how did it come about? 
Ways of working continue to change rapidly - and one ongoing trend is the rise of well-credentialed, independent and senior communications executives who work for themselves. The Global Commtrepreneurs Network (GCN) was established primarily as a new means for independent communications professionals to support each other, share knowledge - as well as to serve clients who are looking for tailored and trustworthy communications support.

There are a number of international agency networks of various types - what sets GCN apart?
GCN distinguishes itself as a unique platform catering to independent senior communication professionals. Unlike traditional agency networks, GCN is specifically designed to provide a nimble and bespoke solution for clients by offering a network of experienced consultants with diverse expertise.

The experts in GCN are independent consultants who have an entrepreneurial mindset, and this collective is designed to suit and support many communications practitioners who are seeking a portfolio career.

GCN's model, driven by independent senior communication professionals, also allows for quicker decision-making, tailored solutions, and direct client-consultant relationships. This agility enables GCN to adapt swiftly to client needs, providing specialised communications support. In essence, GCN fills the gaps by offering a responsive and customised approach that aligns with the evolving demands of the communications landscape.

Is there an ultimate goal or vision for GCN?  
We have a multi-pronged vision for our network:
We seek to inspire. We want to set the standard, the benchmark, by which people recognise excellence in the field. Given the breadth and depth of our experience, we aim to provide a model for best-in-class, top-flight communications, in all manifestations of the craft, for practitioners of the craft.

We seek to advocate. We understand the craft of communication and how it can be used ferociously and assertively to advance strategic objectives. We aim to extend this understanding at industry, institutional and governmental levels, to bring about a deep appreciation for the value of excellent communications and communicators on any leadership team.

We seek to collaborate. At the very heart of our network lies an ambition to realise the extraordinary powers of creativity and productivity that materialise out of supporting our member network. We aim to raise the bar for what is achievable through unselfish collaboration. While all our members are capable individual practitioners in their own right, we aim to provide an infrastructure from which they can draw strength when needed.

We seek to nurture. We exist not just for current practitioners of our craft, but for the future generation of communicators about to step into the industry. We aim to provide guidance, resources, education and support for these up-and-comers, who will eventually take our baton and drive our craft to greater heights.
That’s the longer-term picture - what does GCN want to achieve in the year ahead?
In the year ahead, GCN aims to build its reputation as a leading choice for clients seeking specialised communication support, offering flexibility without the need for full-time, in-house resources. We are committed to providing tailored, personalised guidance and delivering solutions for clients while being mindful of budget constraints. These efforts are expected to broaden GCN's client base and establish our distinctive offering in the field of corporate communications.

Lastly, can you introduce us to the founding members of the network?
GCN founding members include Karen Khaw of V-Engage, Aaron Pan of Swagger Communications, Stephen Thomas of TAVO Advisory, Darren Boey of UnMute Limited, Brett Cooper of Perpetual Improvement, Aniisu Verghese of Intraskope and myself.

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