Telum Talks To: Chyna Hayden from 105.7 Radio Metro

Telum Talks To: Chyna Hayden from 105.7 Radio Metro

By Cindy Paskalina Kweesar

Telum spoke to Chyna Hayden, a Radio Announcer from 105.7 Radio Metro, about the station's Weekend Breakfast show and why she enjoys working in community radio.

What does the Weekend Breakfast team look like, and how do you operate? 
The Weekend Breakfast show is technically a team effort, as the music log is all loaded for me prior to recording. Within the log I have my voice breaks, where I jump in and record. I have two sponsored reads per show (ads) and then I get to decide how to utilise the rest of the time in terms of what I discuss with the audience. 

In this regard it's a one-woman show, as I have autonomy over how I want to use my platform. For example, during Covid, I allocated voice breaks within each show to highlight mental health services, including Beyond Blue and Lifeline.

In terms of production, I currently record from my at-home studio, AKA my bedroom, as I am based in Brisbane and the Radio Metro studios are back on the Gold Coast. After recording, I then do a quick sound quality check of my breaks and the show goes to air.

What's your favourite part about working in community radio? 
I grew up on the Gold Coast, so having a platform within my community is something that I am really grateful for. That, in itself, is a highlight - having a platform where I can shape and encourage conversations within my community. Outside of that, the opportunities that have come about because of Radio Metro are also experiences that I really value - like MCing events and enhancing my public speaking and presenting skills. During Covid lockdowns, Radio Metro appointed me as one of the daily presenters, as nobody could go to the studio to record. This was a really strange-though-valued opportunity as I was on air five times a week and one of only two team members who could continue to record.

Who would be a "dream guest" to have on your show?
Curveball - Post Malone. I think he is a great representation of the multifaceted artists who are paving the way for the future of the music industry. 

You have been on air for seven years; how has your programme changed over that time?
My programme has not necessarily changed, but my confidence and decisiveness as an announcer certainly has. My first shows at Metro were the Early Bird shows, which ran from 3am to 5am (from memory, it's been a while) and over the years I've hosted everything from Midday Lunchbox to Afternoon Drive and now, Weekend Breakfast. The radio industry itself is constantly evolving, and that's a reflection of societal changes and listener behaviour. I just hope that I continue to produce / create shows that are a positive evolution of me as a presenter.

What advice would you give to young aspiring radio announcers?
Don't be scared to have a voice! Sometimes we downplay our opinions and ideas out of fear that we're too young to be taken seriously. Radio is a really diverse and powerful industry that needs more voices. So, I encourage anyone reading this who may be considering working or volunteering in radio to just jump in at the first opportunity!

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