Wasamedia announces rebrand to Stanley House Studios, the House of Hospo, Food & Bev
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Wasamedia announces rebrand to Stanley House Studios, the House of Hospo, Food & Bev

After an 18-year journey as Wasamedia, the Sydney-based marketing agency opens their doors to a new era as Stanley House Studios. The name ‘Stanley’ is a nod to the Darlinghurst street that has been the agency's home for the last 18 plus years.

The Stanley House Studios team is led by directors David Wasserman and George Redmond, boasting an extensive portfolio of clients across alcohol, travel, hospitality, and food and beverage brands.

David said: “I have always had an obsession for travel, great food and old school hospitality, and the business has naturally evolved in this space.

“Our business mantra is to connect people in a meaningful way and to help them grow their communities with strategic and attention-grabbing comms. Stanley House Studios represents a new chapter in our business purpose.”

George Redmond, a former lawyer from New Zealand, joined in 2007 and became a partner in 2015: “We started out as a traditional media relations agency and have evolved and innovated to reflect how people are consuming culture and learning about brands. We are now proud to ncompass a full marketing team from PR specialists and TikTok content creators through to social ad strategists.”

In line with its ethos of "opening doors and making connections", Stanley House will curate a series of ‘Curious Conversations’ events, welcoming anyone from the industry to attend and connect. Event updates will be made available on the brands’ social media channels.

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