Telum Talks To... Claudia Siron, Founder and Editor at bubble.

Telum Talks To... Claudia Siron, Founder and Editor at bubble.

Can you tell us a bit about bubble. - who is your audience and what is the title aiming to do? the digital lifestyle destination for young women (ages 18 - 32) who are curious, socially minded and adventurous; whether that’s travelling to a unique city or trying something new in the bedroom. The magazine releases seasonal trends and distributes clever recommendations from like-minded people. The digital title is aiming to play as a distraction for readers from the cold and depressing news stories (especially in recent times) and instead bring some light entertainment and hopefully bring some joy and comedy into their lives. 

What made you decide to launch bubble.?
I’ve always been widely interested in magazines, since I was a young girl. When I was eight my mum would ask me on a Friday night if I would rather watch a Barbie movie before bed or colour in Angelina Jolie’s lips with a permanent marker (a strange “hobby” of mine until late primary school). Then it was recreating The Devil Wears Prada scenes through home videos with a best friend of mine in early high school. The fascination grew larger as I turned older, and perhaps not in such unconventional examples. Although bubble. isn’t a print offering, nor a ‘flipbook style’ publication (I’d describe bubble. as a deconstructed digital mag). It’s fun, it’s user-friendly, and it’s an exciting experiment. The reason the digital brand exists is thanks to my huge appetite for lively, cosmopolitan content and the ongoing hunt for unfiltered conversations on a wide array of thoughts - and I’m sure many other women would feel the same.

The first issue launched today. What can readers expect from the magazine in 2020?
In bubble., we dip into travel stories, sex and dating, wining and dining, health and wellbeing, beauty, astrology, and inspiring "boss babe" stories. To give you a taste of what to expect in the first issue, we have a focus on sustainable beauty and seasonal looks through Q&As with well-known and well-respected bloggers and publications. We also hear from our incredibly in-touch wine columnists where they take the piss on wine wankers yet at the same time also educate bubble. readers on all things wine - their number #1 passion. It’s fun and clever. So, to answer your question, readers can expect a strong array of seasonal trends, absurd storytelling, comical twists and relatable advice on a wide range of everyday thoughts and popular taboos. We also put a spotlight on "The artist of the season" - essentially, the artist who designed the cover for the season. 

How did the name "bubble." come about?
Firstly, Cosmopolitan was already taken. I love that name, it says it all. "bubble." sort of represents a few things, that all link back to the same ideal. Firstly, there’s the social bubble, the urban bubble, the digital bubble. We all live in our own bubble and enter many other different bubbles (or phases, or groups) as we grow and achieve in our 20s and beyond. Bubble also has the connotation of "bubbly" - which symbolises happiness, high spirits, lively and animated personalities. Lastly, there are the bubbles we drink. Champagne is something we drink together for celebrations, parties and even "‘just cause" on a Friday night with girlfriends. Fusing all of those together, you have a wild cocktail of fun and fabulousness: bubble. magazine. 

What are the main challenges that come with starting an online magazine from scratch?
Everything! Look, I’ve only had one silly, minor moment of "I give up!" (and no one likes to hear about breakdowns, but it’s good to be honest and it’s an inevitable part of the process) when creating the website / first issue. It’s a constant battle of trial and error, it’s a disappointment from finding out the artist (whose artwork you fell in love with) won’t be able to commit, and it’s managing a huge team of freelancers and following up on an insane amount of admin (alone). However, that’s also the beauty of starting up your own magazine, or your own brand, or business. I love making mistakes and learning to never make them again. The original artist pulling out meant that I found someone who was even more aligned with my personal style and the bubble. brand’s style. All the writers I work with are so supportive and incredibly talented. And the admin, well, that will always sort of suck!

It’s early days, but do you have a favourite story that’s coming up in the first issue?
Everything in there has its purpose and teaches something cool or has something funny to say. However, personal stand-outs have to be the articles written by the wine columnists, which I mentioned before. The wickedly talented Banjo Harris Plane (former sommelier of Attica, and co-founder of Good Pair Days) wrote about "How to know you’re dating a wine snob" through an imaginary tongue-in-cheek tale. The other wine column is a literal recipe of "wine wankery’" with terms and definitions by winemaker Sam Plunkett (co-founder of Wine by Sam).

Who are some of your media heroes?
I look up to so many profiles within the media who inspire me in different ways, although I’d have to say that Zoe Foster Blake has always been a huge favourite of mine. It’s the fact that she’s done it all. She’s had such a colourful and dynamic career in journalism and magazines, she’s a published author, she has apps, she has her own brands and businesses, and raising two kids! Besides the cool and creative content she produces, I think it’s the juggling act and what she’s made of herself that’s most influential to me.

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