Telum Talks To… Helena Eka Santhika,

This week Telum talks to Helena Eka Santhika, the Editor-in-Chief of, about the online publication and her tips on what makes a good press release.

What is
Ten years ago, was like CNET. Now we make news about entertainment, anime, and games. The sister company of, Maingames is now the official partner of Facebook Gaming in Indonesia and several other countries.
So now has a focus on technology and entertainment news such as anime. Currently, we also cover issues related to celebrities and others.
Can you tell me the reason to focus on NFTs? Is it because a lot of them are related to Esports?
This is an idea from our CEO (Weihan Liew Ceu). He saw the NFT market getting traction.

At first we specifically discussed NFTs related to gaming. But now we are also starting to discuss other things. We saw that NFTs in Indonesia were popular because of the Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali (also known as Ghozali Everyday) phenomenon.

So we started venturing into NFT Art, as well as blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But we rarely dig deeper on blockchain and cryptocurrencies because it has more economic aspects than gaming. We choose to discuss things that intersect with games and technologies like NFT.
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How did your media manage during the pandemic?
Our revenue relies on Search Engine Optimisation articles. So we always optimised any source of digital revenue streams to manage the pandemic.
In your opinion, what makes a good press release?
Communications professionals should serve as a bridge between the interests of brands and journalists. Sometimes a press release contains too much brand promotion and has no significance.

In my opinion, a good press release is one that balances the interests of the brand and the media. Materials that have news values can be easily published.

I have seen some press releases that are good because they read current trends while including brand interests. So it covers both sides. The media gets the information that readers need, and the brands benefited too.  

Some PRs and corporate release translations are like Google Translate. They must understand more about the product, or discuss it first so that the written language is more understandable. If communications professionals do not understand what they write, neither will we nor the readers.
How do you see in the next five years? always follows what's happening. We are quite updated with the latest technology news such as NFT. So we will are always up-to-date with the latest trends in the technology sector.


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