Telum Talks To... Intan Yusan Septiani, Sajian Sedap

Telum Talks To... Intan Yusan Septiani, Sajian Sedap

By Muhammad Arby

This week, Telum Talks to Intan Yusan Septiani, the Editor-in-Chief of the food website Sajian Sedap, about recipes and the role of public relations in culinary media.

What makes Sajian Sedap different from other culinary publications?
We do not only provide daily cooking inspiration, but also offer business guidance to our readers. So that's what makes us stand out from the others.

We also modify recipes that people already know, so they are value for money. And we have our own kitchen to test food.
A kitchen in the newsroom?
Yes. We test each recipe at least twice, so that the ingredients and seasonings are just right. Our readers shared that the measurements are ideal, so they don't need to adjust them again when they cook.

Sajian Sedap has a special kitchen in the editorial office for cooking trials. (Private doc.)

What is the Sajian Sedap team like in creating culinary content?
Our team is split into several divisions. There is a Culinary Officer who is in charge of making and modifying recipes, a Kitchen Test Officer who tests the recipes, assisted by a Videographer, Photographer, Food Stylist, and Social Media team in the production process.

Do you see Food Vloggers as competitor?
We consider individual influencers or even food manufacturers to be our competitors. The way we see it, collaboration is the way to go.

So what is Sajian Sedap's strategy for presenting content on social media in the midst of this competition?
We looks for content gaps. If food vloggers review international food, we are looking for ways to make viral home comforts with easily available ingredients.

The content creation process in Sajian Sedap. (Private doc.)
Some people prefer to watch videos while cooking. Is there a high level of interest from Indonesians to read recipes?
Editorial traffic numbers increase when there are public holidays, for example before Chinese New Year, or Eid al-Adha when they need an inspirational recipe for cooking meat.
When people watch cooking videos, they are limited in duration. People still need a written recipe for more precise measurements.

How important is the role of communications professionals in supporting journalists?
Very important. Because communications professionals are a liaison between the media and food manufacturers.

What areas can communications professionals improve on in Indonesia?
It's been better lately than the last two years. Previously, they would send press materials only in text, they would be very hard sell, and without accompanying photos. Now they are beginning to understand the needs of the media better.
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