Telum Talks To... Ira Guslina, Editor-in-Chief,

What is is a capital market and economic news portal, we focus on issues related to the capital market, economy, and business. Because our tagline is ‘smart life’, we also discuss things related to people's lives.

What is the target audience for
From the beginning, we have targeted capital markets and economic issues. We understand that the mainstream media focus on the capital market is still limited, yet the demand is there.
We also see most Indonesian investors' behaviour is to first seek information related to the industry, before jumping into the action. 

What are some of the interesting issues to watch out for in 2022?
2022 is interesting and unpredictable due to lots of changes. I think there are two interesting issues to highlight. The first one is the rise of retail investors. Their presence provides opportunities for us (media) to provide news and information. OJK (Indonesian Financial Services Authority) also pointed out that our financial literacy is still rather low. Therefore, information related to investments, risk profiles, and other related matters will be very important.
Another issue that will also affect the Indonesian economy is inflation. People say inflation is a silent killer. We don’t feel it yet, but it is there. There are two important things at play – the increase in America’s interest rates and also the global economic instability due to the conflict in Ukraine, which will have a lot of effect on commodity prices.
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What are important traits about being a business journalist that most people might not know of?
A business journalist should be very cautious because in our work we deal with numbers. Too many zero or misplaced commas will have a big impact, especially if we’re talking about a company’s financial statements. A business journalist also has to be patient. In other sectors, we might be allowed to quote anyone for our story, but we can’t do that in the business sector. We actually want to but sometimes the brand itself forbids it because some quotes need to be approved first, so if we interview someone not coming from the top level, we can’t quote it. We have to be very patient because a single question might consume lots of time.
What is the ideal press release?
Press releases should be a bridge between corporate and public interests. In the media industry, what we need the most is a press release that provides broad information, not only about ‘what’, but also about ‘how’, whether it is impactful or not, what’s next, and so on. So it is not only fixated on the stories carried out at that time but also related to all things behind them and don’t ever think we will publish a press release straight away because journalist / media are not the corporate’s public relations. We take sides with people’s need for wider information on a certain matter.

Approaching Kartini Day, do you have any messages for female journalists out there?
Kartini Day should be a moment for us to reflect on ourselves and the existence of women. As women, we must convince ourselves that nothing can limit us from doing activities carried out by other genders. Keep working hard because in the end, what distinguishes us is not the gender, but the quality of our work. So, focus on your self-development, show your best effort, be professional, and then we won’t have to label female journalists, female videographers, female photographers, etc, because all of this is about our profession, not our gender.


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