Telum Talks To: Jordan Kretchmer from Gourmet Traveller

Telum Talks To: Jordan Kretchmer from Gourmet Traveller

By Callum Logie

Telum Media spoke to Jordan Kretchmer, News Editor at Gourmet Traveller, about her experiences in food journalism and what sort of stories she looks out for.

Tell us about your journalism career so far.
I got my start in lifestyle journalism at Time Out Sydney - it was an all-encompassing foundation where I got to write about everything from nail art to ocean kayaking. Here, I met some outstanding and ongoing mentors who have all been really transparent, kind, and consistent editors. I started reporting on Sydney’s music scene, but soon realised I much prefer food to festivals, and began learning as much as I could about the hospitality industry.

I joined Gourmet Traveller as a Writer in 2019. I'm constantly on the hunt for recipes you'll want to bookmark, the hottest new restaurant openings, hotels worth checking in to, destinations to add to your bucket list, and snacks worth seeking out.

What attracted you to food and travel writing?
It’s yum! But really, I think it’s a democratic and delicious style of journalism. You don’t have to be an expert in food to be curious about it. And travel writing is similar, we all have an urge to explore.

What types of stories do you prefer to include in Gourmet Traveller?
I look after our food and travel news pages in our print magazine, as well as some online stories. We love original stories focused on restaurants, travel, and the wider hospitality industry. If our readers come away saying "I want to go there" or "I want to eat that" then we’ve done our job. Gourmet Traveller also focuses on luxury experiences. We’re an authority on food, drink, and travel, and we have high standards as a result. It’s also essential for us, where possible, to experience travel and food so we can write about them from an honest first-hand position.

What would you like to cover more of down the line?
I love a feel-good story! I’m interested in international stories, especially about Australians making it overseas. My first few years at Gourmet Traveller were locally focused given lockdowns. Now the world has really opened up, I want to continue to celebrating it.

Do you have a favourite story you’ve covered?
I love it when we get to deep-dive beyond the plate into personal human interest stories. Some of my favourites have included my profile on Joel Bennetts and him coming out of the other side of drug misuse; and one with Candy Berger on the loss of her infant child. While both chefs make delicious food, having the chance to share their deeply personal stories was an utter privilege.

I’ve really loved covering the journeys of fab not-for-profits like Two Good Co and Plate It Forward. I also love writing about great hotels. It’s a long play but one day, I’d like to write a book on the magic and mystery (and morbid side) of them. You hear and see some pretty brilliant, kooky, and fun things on the beat.  

Do you have any tips for PRs or media professionals looking to work with you?
Familiarising yourself with all channels of Gourmet Traveller is really important. Our offerings in the print magazine are different from something like an Instagram reel. We focus on unique destinations and culinary experiences, we don’t do top-five round-ups or stories based off survey data. Pitches need to align with this or allow us to explore to find this. 

There’s been a real boom in face-to-face events recently, which is great sometimes, but the reality with being a writer is, we have to spend a good share of our time at our desks, writing. Lunches are lovely, but a coffee is often better, unless the lunch can inform a story. 

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