Telum Talks To... Matthew Bossons, Managing Editor, RADII

Telum Talks To... Matthew Bossons, Managing Editor, RADII

How did you start your career in journalism in China?
My journalism career in China began in Guangzhou in 2014, first freelancing for City Weekend and then as a staffer at That's Magazines. I came to China pretty much right out of J-school and was keen to get some experience overseas. The plan was to go home after a year or two, but here I am seven years later, still slogging it out!

How would you describe Guangzhou and Shanghai, and other cities in China where you've ever lived? 
I've actually lived in three cities during my time in China: Guangzhou for five and a half years, Beijing for a year, and now Shanghai for the past couple of months.

Guangzhou holds a special place in my heart, and my wife and I dearly miss the local cuisine. Beijing is also spectacular, and in a perfect world, we would have spent a couple of more years there before moving on. While the food in Beijing is a couple of notches below Guangzhou, the city's history and old architecture are outstanding to behold. We've only lived in Shanghai for a little more than two months now, but the metropolis is spectacular for its architecture, international vibes, and world-famous soup dumplings (xiaolongbao). All three have their perks, and all three have been very welcome to me and my family.

Have these characteristics been reflected in your stories? And how?
Shanghai has always found a way into my work, even when I was down in Guangzhou. The city is one of Asia's most vibrant and certainly one of the best-known in the West. So far, since moving to Shanghai, I've done some very 'scratch the surface' coverage of the city, but I'm looking forward to diving in in a more substantial way.

What do you expect to bring to RADII after being named as Managing Editor?
The hope is to grow our readership and refine our focus a bit. Our target audience is overseas youth in Western markets, and we aim to foster greater understanding and appreciation for modern China's vibrant youth culture. My primary goal is to connect with young people globally and share the adventures, misadventures, pop culture, and artistic offerings of young Chinese people.

What are some of the future developments we can expect from RADII?
A slew of new podcasts, a major documentary (watch this space!), increased content frequency, and the debut of a brand new platform. The previous Managing Editor, Jake Newby, leaves enormous shoes to fill, but I'm confident we'll be able to build upon the strong foundation he has laid and take RADII's content to the next level.

What are the key issues or trends in China's entertainment and culture industry that you are keeping an eye on over this year?
There are many, but the big ones for me at the moment are the ongoing crackdowns on various industries that affect youth (education and entertainment, for example), digital life (blockchain, crypto, NFTs, video games, social media trends), and youth fashion (streetwear, sneakers, etc.).

Are you open to working with public relations professionals? In what areas?
Absolutely. Frankly, I am happy to hear from PR professionals in any industry related to youth culture, particularly if they are involved in food & beverage, digital life and tech, travel and tourism, fashion, and entertainment. They can reach me at

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