Telum Talks To... Matthew Campbell, Asia Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek, Co-author of "Dead in the Water"

Telum recently caught up with Matthew Campbell, Singapore-based Asia Editor at Bloomberg Businessweek. Matthew is Co-author of a new critically acclaimed book, “Dead in the Water”, the real-life story of the hijacking of an oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden leading to a trail of intrigue, murder and a suspected $100 million fraud. The book has been described as “a masterpiece of explanatory journalism” by the New York Times. Key highlights include:
  • How two Bloomberg investigative journalists discovered the story and how they went about researching it (06:05)
  • How they approached telling the story in a compelling way (10:30)
  • The stories and themes Businessweek is most interested in from Asia and what makes a Businessweek story (12:55)
Order a copy of "Dead in the Water" here.

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